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Scratched lens??? I’m kidding all of you… NOT!!! I’m Ticked! German Timezone, Burning Bowl Spring 2012 Announc

Posted Jun 17 2012 12:00am
Anti Scratch my ass

Anti Scratch my ass

See that little tiny hairline scratch right above the green reflection? Yeah, that I discovered last night. I am not happy at all. Lenscrafters if you are reading this, get your stuff together, something isn’t right with your optical grade polycarbonate or something. At this point for how much money I have paid for these lenses I am wondering how much it would cost to have lenses made of pure sapphire that wont scratch, Only thing that can scratch that crap is Sapphire its self or a diamond! And I don’t wear no steenkin’ diamonds! God all this glasses crap is getting me nuts.

Germany Map

Germany Map

Well looks like my clock got set to European Time/German time again. I slept from 6 PM till 12:30 AM. Son of a gun, thank God I have nothing going on this week. I hope to have my sleep sorted quickly.

Me with my keyboard

Me with my keyboard

 Friday, I got a new keyboard to replace my PS3 Keypad / Chatpad, this keyboard works both on my Mac and on my PS3. It has a backlit LCD screen on the right side of it that does cool stuff, and all the keys are backlit unlike the cruddy PS3 Keypad / Chatpad. What a great keyboard I got and it was a real steal on Amazon. Here’s the review of the crappy keypad.

So above is the crap keypad review. Really not a good device. Now, we move on to some video game reviews; I love having gamefly!

Reviewed above is Driver San Francisco for the PS3 I really enjoyed playing it.

Here, I thought EA was killing the Need For Speed franchise, shown above is a pretty dang good review of Need For Speed Undercover, but the bugs made it unplayable.

I did some hacking to make a respiratory therapy item work better for me and so I can avoid having to order different supplies, take the video above for a spin to see what I did.

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