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Pulmonary & Neurosurgery details

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm

Swine flu sucks.

Swine flu sucks. Lets invade the O.Rs!

Yesterday we got to the pulmonary office and immediately when we walked in the door we saw a few blue masked people, mostly unmasked, apparently people are not too worried but those with chronic diseases and disorders that affect the immunity are definitely worried. Mom was rather quick to grab masks for both of us, primarily to firewall me from any possible risk for infection with it. Although there are still no cases reported in this state I am doing everything to prevent any possible exposure, while still preserving ability to travel within the state. Out of state travel is disallowed currently. I wrote this from the pulmonary floor where I felt like I should go invade the O.R’s and do some off the record surgeries. I am a neurosurgical nerd anyways, lobotomy anyone? heh heh heh. I got taken into a room and me and the doctor did a load of talk, as I had predicted he went ahead and ordered that I receive a resting ABG draw and I mentioned the idea of continuous pulse oximetry as i predicted, bam another one in the bag there. But then he threw something at me I wasn’t exactly expecting today, an order for an ETCO2 monitor, yep, End Tidal Carbon Dioxide monitor. The only problem is ETCO2 monitors rarely get approved by insurance which is the converse of pulse oximeters which are pretty easy to get approved. I am going to work on both and get them out in the next week.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Shaun T O'Leary

Neurosurgeon Dr. Shaun T O' Leary

Today we also went to my Neurosurgeons office to discuss DBS and other methods for dealing with the spasticity and contractures in my legs. We have to go see another doctor for one more evaluation before we get the decision as to what surgery to do. But so far surgery is looking like it is somewhere in the deck of cards. He also kicked up my Baclofen pump to 377 mcg per day from 316 mcg, I feel slightly looser in my arms but the leg contractures are not going anywhere without surgery, I already know that. But movement before hitting those contractures is a bit more fluid and not so jerky. So I’m liking it :D
He also signed all the papers for the wheelchair as the PRIMARY prescriber, the rehab therapist will be secondary prescriber, I need to call him up cause I forgot to have him write up actual prescriptions to go with the order / justification forms, oops! But that aside its moving along. I expect the chair to be submitted to insurance by May 31st, I expect to have my butt in it by my birthday August 8th! What an irony it would be if it delivered on my birthday!

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