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Pictures from Grandmas, Pictures from me unboxing, Unboxing Bodypoint Loot, More cards, 12 days of wheelchair xmas not ready for

Posted Dec 31 2012 12:00am
Me and Grandma by the tree

Me and Grandma by the tree

I went to grandmas house in the city and had to bring oxygen because on Christmas eve a unwanted wish was granted. Oxygen desaturations, thankfully as of the writing of this I am no longer having the desaturations. So I had to take oxygen there with me. We had a great time ate dinner and the kids did their unboxings.

Me and my presents

Me and my presents

Santa did indeed make a delivery to my house! He brought me my own stone mortar and pestle, I have always been a total geek when it comes to making my own herb teas, medicines etc. Wanted my own for a while so I didn’t have to keep using moms glass one. Then an all too useful sea salt grinder for me to keep right in my room. Your probably thinking wait, you usually get a big present. I did, 80 pound one, sitting in my room, Laser Printer  Oh and lets not forget the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200

Me holding the box

Me holding the box 

I got a big box from Bodypoint and within said box was quite some nice loot from all the awesome people behind my harness and straps. I was really excited to open up this box. So I got right to it, I also took video of me unboxing all of it.

Bodypoint's card

Bodypoint’s card

As always I have archived every card and put electronic copies on my flickr. Bodypoint sent me a really awesome card as they always do, this one with some great notes inside. Many thanks to everyone who sent cards to me. Remember it’s not too late, ALIN S PO BOX 2634 PALATINE IL 60078. We need to go check the PO box this week.

The 12 days of wheelchair christmas are on Youtube but I am not posting them here yet because it’s not ready for prime time. Theres a copyright dispute over it, yes, really, again. Why does Youtube do this with my stuff. Apparently CDBaby / Rumblefish had 12 days of a guido christmas ‘match’ my video in Youtube’s highly unreliable Content ID system, which means I can’t make money off my video. So until I can I am going to keep that video on the quiet side here on the blog, as it is not ready for primetime.

9 hours until it is 2013, I have no idea what we will be doing but I know that I am super tired.

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