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Phish Alert, Time to get your Phishing rod and catch the Phish, security upgrade

Posted Jan 16 2010 1:37pm

Official Security ImageShown above is the Alinssite security image, enlarged beyond its official usable resolution to thwart Phish. I have been having problems with a few of my friends getting E-Mails supposedly from Alinssite asking for money and contact info, I will NEVER ask for money OR your contact info unless YOU contact me via the authorizations page to give a gift or make a visit! These E-Mails are FAKES

From: (anonymized)

To: (Anonymized)

“Hi friend, It’s Alin here, I recently had big surgery and need money to pay off my medical bills. You can help me pay my medical bills by paying my agency at Bank of Nigeria Account Number #8591572 Or you can give me your financial info and I can charge your account for the amount you specify through ACH”

So far the E-Mails have been much like that, dead simple SCAMS. First of all I do not need money to pay my medical bills, I need money to pay for my wheelchair components such as the lock down for the van and ventilator mount. I have health insurance. Secondly I have no affiliation with Nigeria, I was scammed by a Nigerian once. Therefore, I am enacting a new security policy

1. Don’t give your contact information over ANY website except one beginning with

2. NEVER give your financial information directly to me, use the Paypal donate button! I do NOT have ACH origination, nor does any other individual in the world unless they are a BUSINESS and are registered and licensed as such!

3. NEVER reply to a FeedBlitz E-Mail unless it shows the security feature shown above along with a description of it

Following these things will keep you safe from scammers.

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