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Phew ?

Posted Jun 13 2009 8:37pm
Took a trip down to Childrens hospital last Wednesda, praying we would be able to leave with our son, that nothing would be found wrong with his shunt - Praise God the nuero PA completed a thorough examonaiton and a shunt failure is not the suspect. Hawke was vomiting and has not been sleeping through the night. . . as of today he has not vomited (praise God). As of today we suspect it may be due to the increased zantac (for reflux) amount he is receiving. We stopped it today becuase it can cause constipation and as a result he had passed some stool, and the reflux has not increased thus far (may take longer than 24 hours to see increase in reflux). He continues to behave hapilly and to look great. His next nuero appointment is in two weeks and I am very anxious to see the catscan results.

No job yet but I expect to land my first interview soon. I went to Physical Therapy and Occupational therapy this past week (my first time) in case I am working soon and I am unable to attend and learn how these therapies are applied and how I can apply them. Carm has been doing them at home. NEedless to say therapy is hard work for Hawke and he does more crying than I would like, but the stretch's are helping him to progress. I took some pics of therapy below and some misc. God Bless !

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