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Pediatric Code Blue, Pediatric Code Blue, Pediatric Code Blue PICU+0

Posted Jan 07 2010 8:48am

Yesterday As some of you know our house works a lot like a hospital so if we had a PA system at 2:45 you would have heard “Pediatric Code Blue, Pediatric Code Blue, Pediatric Code Blue” at 1 PM me and my nurse noticed that my P waves had gone missing, earlier my blood sugar was in the low normal at about 70 I was already reacting at that level thanks to my nurse being diabetic she noticed me falling asleep at inappropriate times and got the meter out to get said reading, having blood sugar crashes where I would fall asleep at absolutely random points. Then at 1:45 or so we noticed my heart rate speeding up, by 2:30 we were at 180 and my neck was throbbing like I was having a stroke. In the last hour we called the doctor 3 times and the nurse called again and said “I want a doctor or nurse… now!!!” The nurse told us to call a code blue so we did. I was put in an ambulance and rushed to Northwest Community Hospital ER and en route was given a shot of Adenosine to try to slow down my heart rate, it worked slightly. Then in the ER they took my blood sugar and I was at 110 which is a bit high for non diabetic but I felt fine until I went into the SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia) that would not convert. At this point my doctor is ordering me a blood sugar meter to use frequently and chart my readings and keep myself no lower than 80. Anyway while at the hospital I started coughing really hard after being on no heat or humidification for a few hours and started puking, thankfully it stopped. Right as my ventilator battery was running on empty the PICU transport ambulance arrived, they quickly got me loaded and onto the ambulances power supply. Then the PICU transport ambulance sped us to Lutheran General Hospital where they admitted me directly to the PICU. I was in stable condition over the night, I might leave today or tomorrow. More news tonight.

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