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Pain Management and Medical School

Posted Feb 03 2010 6:59am

As a medical school candidate, I will be so excited to finally be able to calm myself down because my pains and soreness will all make sense. Not that I don't appreciate the help from others, I just would really like to be able to explain some of my ailing bones and muscles. Today has already been a rough day. Woke up at 6am to the sound of my BlackBerry (I was glad I woke up for what was waiting on me.) and then rolled over and went back to sleep. I hasd a session at 10:00, but I had to message the leaer to tell her that I just wouldn't be able to make that session this semester. My pain seems to worsen by Wednesday, and I just don't think it would be just to tell her that I would be there and then not show up half the time. I need the late start on Wednesdays, I think.

Many people have asked me about pain management after college. The answer I usually give them is that, "we'll tackle that brar when he gets to us." Though the classes and the hours are long, it's much different when you know you're headed somewhere. My frustration with classes right now lies mainly in the fact that they are all CORE classes. Hopefully, after my fall semester of 2010, that won't be the case. I'm looking at changing my biology track to be better suited or medicine, but I'll have to wait until the (my) adviser gets back to verify the change. I would like to go ahead and take probability and statistics this summer so that I can finish the last statistics for medical school in the fall and have the sciences left to take.

Most of you won't get anything out of this, but I'm excited that the elephant, also known as medical school requirenents, seems to be getting smaller.

As far as pain management is concerned, I have attempted to model this semester after what I hope things will be like in medical school and for the remainder of my undergraduate degree. I have gotten far enough ahead this week in terms of homework and other commitments that last night could be a night to relax an to do something that I enjoyed. That something. I'm so excited to tell you all (hopefully soon!) what it involves and what the future holds. This afternoin, until my class at 5 o'clock, I will take a shower and work on studying for tomorrow morning's math test. I think I can make an A, but it is math. The course is titled "Math Modeling," so it is very much graphically based. I'm reworking much of the things that we've done in class and trying to figure out ways to remember to do the harder problems that will give me the most issue. An A on my first math test in college would be amazing, and I would find all the hope in the world in that. The teacher drops the three lowest homework quiz grades, so for the times I've been trying to learn the best ways to compensate for the things that I need to spend more time teaching myself, I have some grace period there, for which I'm very grateful.

I also have a good friend in the class with me, and she is an excellent student, so we will be getting together to discusss test material and answer each other's questions.

I just hope that by the time medical school rolls around, I won;t be working through pain issues. But, as I've always heard... No pain, no gain!

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