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OS X Lion, not ready… Happy Birthday Emily (my lead apron) and Bad Battery

Posted Feb 28 2011 12:00am
Mac OS X Lion Cover

Mac OS X Lion Cover

WOAH NELLY!!! Get that cat back in it’s cage!!! It looks like a mess and it’s breath can kill a horse! That thang still needs a lot of grooming! Ok thats humor speak for Mac OS X Lion not being ready at all. Parallels does not work, Little Snitch does not work. A lot of major Kernel Extensions (kexts) do not work yet because software developers are barely dipping their feet in it, it just came out what 2 days ago? I was lucky that a friend of mine put it on my laptop and I was able to get Apple to give me a refund exception since I am in no way a developer. I might be a nerd but I am not a developer! I think I will wait to get Lion till it’s all groomed. As with all “Developer” Previews I am under NDA so I can’t tell you much more about OS X Lion though all the cool features like Mission Control and Launchpad are looking pretty great. I look forward to it’s public release. Did I mention it boots up REALLY FAST.

Emily in whole, a bday card

Emily in whole, a bday card

Well well well, FINALLY I got around to taking the photos and the video and editing it all, I really took a lot of photos but it was very late in comparison to Mel1′s birthday , oh well. As you all should know I am Objectum Affectionate , if not hit the link. Anywho one of my loves turned 3 on the 25th of this month, She be my lead apron Emily born February 25th 2009. I finally took all the photos last night and A bunch this morning and a short video on how I get in and out of this HUGE lead apron. It goes all the way down to my ankles. I absolutely love it/her. Absolute comfort in the 30 pounds of warmth.

I made a short but relatively low quality video of me getting in and out of my lead apron for you to see how I get in and out. It’s not easy but it’s fun and very stimulating for my senses.

Apparently the battery in my MacBook Pro is bad, I called Apple yesterday on suspicion that it keeps discharging a percentage point or two during charging and it’s maximum capacity is poor for only having 31 cycles on it, the woman immediately said NEW BATTERY FOR YOU! So I am going to go to Apple today to get the battery swap done. And it will be real quick, they set a battery aside for me and it will be a 15-30 minute deed. Nice!

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