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Once Upon A Time, There was a Very Angry Mother

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:24am

Ashley and I went Krogering on Sunday. We were out of potatoes, and Ashley’s day is not complete without a serving of mashed potatoes. She was having a great time walking around the grocery store, her arm linked in mine as I acted as her sighted guide. As we toured the ice cream section, I heard something behind us that made my heart stop for a moment – a young middle school aged boy, standing with two of his friends, said “Once upon a time…” The other two boys started snickering and laughing, all the while glancing at Ashley.

Little did these boys know that I was quite aware that they were referring to the line from the movie, Tropic Thunder – “Once upon a time there was a retard”. Little did they know that they were soon to witness my barely contained anger.

I turned to them and said “I know what you are talking about, and I want you to stop immediately.” They kept snickering, walked away but kept looking back at Ashley, and continued to say in a sing song voice “Once upon a time…Once upon a time….once upon a time…”

I followed them down the aisle, and said in my outside voice, “My daughter is beautiful and I love her very much. How do you think your mothers would feel about you at this moment?” The boys were getting angry, but one was level headed enough to insist the other two leave the store with him.

I don’t feel like I handled the situation very well, but I also don’t know what I should have done differently. Do you have any suggestions for me?
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