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October stats, Miller time @ Gregs, Bowling, Home Modifications, U-Verse, NWSRA photos? Vantage unboxing, Trach change log,

Posted Nov 17 2012 12:00am
October Stats 2012

October Stats 2012

Nice growth in October after a steady decline, thats what I like to see thank you very much!

Miller time is OVER empty case!

Miller time is OVER empty case!

Last Friday I couldn’t do the Friday Night Live thing where everyone went to Gameworks, Chris didn’t go either instead we all ended up meeting up at Gregs house for some fun. We talked with each other and had fun just yacking and playing around. We locked one of our buddies in Gregs master bedroom when he was in the bathroom. Hilarity ensued. Obviously you can see from the box of Miller that Chris bought it with him, no guy’s night is complete without drinking a Miller.

Thanks for the Miller Chris! We also had some fun with a flower pot on my head and Gregs head. Talk about the literal meaning of a pot head.

Me and all the group 3 bowlers

Me and all the group 3 bowlers

You probably never heard the term Group 3 bowlers but I decided to develop a classification for the different ability levels in our bowling group, for the convenience of photos. Group 1 is people who can walk but have movement disturbances. Group 2 is people who are in a wheelchair powered or not but do not rely continuously on advanced positioning devices,be it a harness or specialty belts etc, Group 3 is bowlers with severe disorders of movement who are reliant on advanced positioning or have little to no movement ability. It’s kind of like Paralympic Boccia classification. These are some great photos I got this last Saturday. I coined the classifications myself.

Do you recognize this bathroom, didn't think so

Do you recognize this bathroom, didn’t think so

I can’t walk anymore at all, the residual walking ability has become so clumsy and unstable that I take one or two steps and I am falling over so about 3 weeks ago I made a ‘Safety Call’ to cease walking and standing (standing only as necessary leaning up against something, like the fridge to grab something off the top, and only for short time) It’s called a ‘Safety Call’ exactly for that reason, I might be capable of it still but its gotten beyond a point of safe usability and therefore its stopped. So what do we do when I am in my wheelchair and want to use the toilet, do I unstrap crawl to the toilet and then crawl back up into my wheelchair all the way at my room when I was say in the living room or worse just back from a NWSRA program. Well with the old bathroom it was park wheelchair in my room or in hall and get out crawl to toilet do business then get back into wheelchair. Not cool, definitely not cool, and for those of you out there who know what I have is progressive, it would be WAY not cool when I am not able to crawl. So we modded up the doorway to wheelchair specs and got a new vanity. Now I can pull straight in, get on the pot, then off the pot, wash my hands while in my chair, or slide my stinky butt into the tub if I come home a’ stinkin. But these modification’s don’t come without a cost, thanfkully payment plans exist and such to help us along. You too can help by making a donation, to fund the door widening. The door project cost $700, to donate to that project you must use the general PayPal donations system and put in the memo “DOOR” so that I route your funds to that section of the book.

U-Verse propagation

U-Verse propagation

We now have AT&T U-Verse for TV and Phone. We have the U450 package which in simple laymans terms is the U-This Package Means Serious Business Package. It has every single channel you can think of. The receiver has ability to receive 9999 channels for gods sake. Imagine channel surfing THEN people. FORGET ABOUT IT. Right now theres a good 600 channels on here or so. I lost track. I’m loving my TV now! I used to hardly watch TV but man this new service really changes it for me. Funny enough one of my first words on US Soil after adoption was “Television” obviously in the wrong place, in the middle of a movie theatre they opened the curtains and i exclaimed “oooo teleevissionnn” or something along those lines. The night we played with our receivers (Monday) was that television moment all over again. But in the right place!

NWSRA, well there seems to have been an issue with my photography somewhere and a dispute is open so I don’t think I will be getting new photos for a bit while we sort out the dispute. Once the dispute closes things should hopefully resume. I probably am not likely to be bowling tomorrow due to the trach change and how sore my throat is, Dr. Walner sure went to town. We will figure that out tomorrow. The dispute does not seem to affect bowling pictures so if I end up going tomorrow I will probably come back with some photos. It won’t be the usual big batch just cause I wanna lay low on the radar right now.

Here we go

Here we go

If you know someone or are someone with special needs you might recognize the blue and black device I am holding in the picture above as a Prentke Romich Vantage (AAC/SGD) That stands for Augmentative Alternative Communication / Speech Generating Device. Your probably about to say. Wait, you just talked in your last unboxing, hell you sang Walking In The OR . Well lets face reality here. Muscle issues have taken my ability to walk, they are slowly eating away at my control over my arms, am I sad from it, no. I am simply doing what I need to do to prepare myself for the time when I decide to make the final ‘Safety Call’, one of those things is the head array, reason, when it comes to a point where I need to make a ‘Safety Call’ when my arm control is too poor to safely operate my wheelchair I will already be very comfortable with using the head array inside and outside of my house. Well this is the same situation, I snagged this device for a fraction of what they cost new, got 12 months to pay it off. THANK GOD, don’t have 500 clams laying around at any given time! Well the conditon I have already has caused a few days where my speech is totally wonky, so I decided snag it, be prepared, cause it’s gonna happen sooner or later and I’d rather be comfortable with the device than suddenly wake up one day unable to speak and have to wait for Medicareless to pay for a device and then me have to take weeks learning my way around the device until I can ‘speak’ fluidly with it. Well we totally skip around the Medicare part and since I can talk right now I am free to take some time each day to program the device and get to know it and get comfortable with it. By the time I lose my speech, which I am hoping is in the 6+ month range I will have this bad boy totally programmed and be as fluid as water with it.

I got unboxing photos yesterday AND VIDEO, but It’s 2:03 AM and I ain’t getting mired into video editing and rendering at this ungodly hour. I also think tomorrow I will make a video of me using the device with something more than I just took this out of the box, proficiency. Something like, Hey I read the quick start guide book profiency. Still will be rather crude and sluggish but I probably will be able to speak a full sentance!

Alright so this device isn’t going to pay for its self, well theoretically it could if people come flocking to my website and youtube from around the world but that’s no guarantee. So if you want to help fund the payment for the device use the general PayPal donation and put in the memo “AAC DEVICE” And I will route your funds directly to the credit card!

Trach nerdlog now.

Depart PGH 1:37 PM

Arrive LGH 2:07 PM

Register 2:14 PM

Registered 2:20 PM

Time in OR 3:58 PM

Time in postop phase 1 4:27 PM

Time in postop phase 2 5:20 PM

Depart LGH 6:45 PM

Arrive home, about 8:00 PM (We stopped for groceries)

Oh the horror my throat hurts… I’m going to bed now… After I hit the can.


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