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News from home H+4 and 5 = Cursed day after christmas, uncursed day after day after christmas

Posted Dec 28 2009 2:04am

Well yesterday was a mess, the nurse came and scared me while I was pulling a cup of water off the window sill to flush my suction machine and bam all over the bed and unfortunately into my blackberry it went. The blackberry still surprisingly functions but it has water spots and a crack under the screen, overall the phone is crapping out on me so I called Verizon and told them hey, my phone is on its last leg what should I do. They wanted 80 dollars to replace my Storm 1 with another Storm 1, I was like wait just one fricken minute here. Storm 2 costs how much?! The guy said 179 with a 2 year activation, big deal. So I went ahead and bought the new phone and put it on my credit card. I got some photos of my sick blackberry that I will post along with photos and unboxing video of my new one, it will all be in a combined set.

I am still working on processing all the photos from the hospital and I GOT HALF OF THE AMBULANCE RIDE!!! The first half which was the most exciting seeing the hospital recede into the distance with some funny talk is there, the cameras battery quit on me as we approached Palatine. I have some video that dad took of the ambulance pulling in.

This post is REALLY late as me and my nurse Sheila are having fun and decided to probably pull an all nighter… whateva

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