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new powerchair Stealth’ed up, new back in the works, ankle straps, trach infection

Posted Jul 31 2010 12:00am

How i would sleep

How i would sleep... Rubbing my neck (CLICK ME)

Yesterday I was busy all day, Denise from National Seating came by and got my beloved Stealth 2QCR mounted on my new Permobil chair, yeah the Whitmayer headrest was okay but the Stealth 2QCR blows it out of the water for adjustability, there are so many places you can adjust this that if this headrest don’t work for you, no headrest will until they come out with moulded headrests like they have moulded seating. All in all it took me a good 6 hours to get my whole chair overhauled to go out today which won’t happen due to the trach infection that I will talk about later in this post. It took me so long to get everything overhauled because i was monking around and also sort of sleepily enjoying the feel of the material on my neck… thats autism for you LOL gives you a bit of a delay! You can even see in the picture above that I am rubbing my neck on it hehe!

Soon after she mounted my Stealth 2QCR she had me crawl out to the porch to get up into the mold making machine and she took the impressions. I should have a new back within the next month or so, right now she “Jimmyrigged” my current back with some foam blocks hidden in the seat core and such. It definitely feels better, but the best part is the headrest!

You may also notice that there are wingnuts in the photo above, that’s cause my spasms are strong in my legs and I need screws that won’t pull out so dad the screw genius went and picked some screws from the warehouse, funny enough they come from Headstrom, you know, the now defunct manufacturer of playsets for your yard? So my chair is Permobil, Invacare seating, Headstrom ankle strap screws, Stealth headrest. Funny huh? It’s a hybrid, literally!



Today I have been prescribed Bactroban for my trach site because it does not look very good. I talk to Doctor Walnut… err Walner on monday to find out if we need an office visit. Hopefully the Bactroban will BAN the bacteria ;)

There are TWO photo series in this blog post click each photo to see them :D

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