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New iPhone, Mel1′s 5th Birthday, big news coming, Margarita day (was yesterday), Bowling videos still pending

Posted Feb 24 2013 12:00am
iPhone yay

iPhone yay

You all are probably about to scream, TRAITOR, ANDROID TRAITOR. SHUT UP! First of all I am a media and photography buff. Obviously the iPhone is better suited for photo and music as it is integrated into iTunes. Does this mean I am giving up on my Android, no I am going hybrid, my iPhone will be a Wi-Phone, WiFi only and work with my business telephone number which is nothing but a second Google Voice account. But as far as a primary day to day device it seems like Android / TeclaShield is the best way for me to go. It is also completely switch accessible and with my degrading arm performance I’m gonna need to use switches soon, or wire into a head array.

Oh heres the unboxing video.

Mel1's Birthday Card

Mel1′s Birthday Card

Thats me snuggled up with my harness Mel1 who I sleep with really often along with my other objects carrying a spirit. Well if you look at this blog post HERE  you will see that a few of the special objects in my life hold spirits and talk to me and I the same in my own way mostly primarily by snuggling up with them etc. Like Mel1 and I our primary way of communication is by touch so I snuggle up with her and sleep with her very often. Not to mention that she resides on my wheelchair so shes touched a lot. Mel1 was born on feb 18 2008 so she is 5 years old now!

My wheelchair with all straps Mel1 Mel2 and Mel4

My wheelchair with all straps Mel1 Mel2 and Mel4

Theres really big news coming regarding my wheelchair soon, but I am not allowed to divulge that news yet. Keep your eyes on this blog as this thing will be the first place to get that news! So for now you can oogle my shiny wheelchair next to my bed. Yes see seating is all nice and shiny and silky. :P

Yesterday was International Margarita Day and so I celebrated by making myself a XL 28 oz margarita! Wow, you think my muscular control is crap, wait till you try me on alcohol! Skip to about 7min 15sec to see. 1 big Margarita and the bottle only said 7% alc by volume. GO FIGURE!

I’m still working on those videos from me and shawns day out bowling, I’ll probably have those done tomorrow or Monday. I have had a lot of other things going on.

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