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Neurology visit done, new priority X-Ray Order

Posted May 20 2009 12:24pm
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Medical Logo

Yesterday we went to neurology, overall a boring visit. But then called general doc who was not too happy I am still sick and faxed a order for X-Rays tomorrow and new antibiotic today. Got neurodiagnostic testing tomorrow and X-Rays

Tests / visits / devices ordered are

  • Chest X-Ray Series <ACTIVE> (TO BE DONE TOMORROW)
  • Pulse Oximeter (ordered by pulmonary) <INACTIVE> [WAIT FOR BETTER INSURANCE]
  • ETCO2 monitor (ordered by pulmonary) <INACTIVE>[WAIT FOR BETTER INSURANCE]
  • Endoscopy (2 year follow up & suspected internal pressure ulcer from G-Tube + H. Pylori follow up) (IP) <ACTIVE>
  • Muscle Biopsy - See if there is a muscular dystrophy or other disease directly affecting the muscle such as progressive rhabdmyolysis. (Live - To be scheduled) (OP / IP at doctors discretion) <ACTIVE>
  • Toxicology panels (drug & standard) - See if disease caused by toxic mutagenic agent (Live - To be scheduled) (OP) <INACTIVE>[WAIT FOR BETTER INSURANCE]
  • ABGs draw (IP) <ACTIVE>
  • Urodynamics study (under anesthesia or neuromuscular blockade) (repeat due to question of suprapubic catheter) (IP) <ACTIVE>
  • Echocardiogram (repeat due to 1 year passing since last ECHO) (IP) <ACTIVE>
  • CT head & spine w/o contrast and with contrast (repeat due to 1 year passing since last CT series) (IP) <ACTIVE>

are also waiting on a few other things to be ordered after the completion of these, the next order batch is. All of the below are considered dead until converted to live orders.

  • Deep Brain Stimulator insertion surgery talk (new surgery in talks) (IP, Duh!) <INACTIVE>
  • Pulmonary Functions Test + Waking ABG draw (resp problems, PFT is a default test every 3 months, 4 months passed. waking ABG based on research) (OP / IP PFTs to be OP ABGs probably IP) <INACTIVE>
  • Spinal plain X-Ray series - June(6 months will have passed, usually done twice yearly) (OP) <INACTIVE>
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