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Neurology testing done, X-Rays done

Posted May 22 2009 9:28pm
Me on the way getting into the van to head to the hospital

Me on the way getting into the van to head to the hospital (click for big version)

Yesterday I finished all the neurology testing to change my PDD-NOS (Autism-NOS) diagnosis into a more specific diagnosis if possible. The legal results will be out and released within the next few weeks as soon as they are processed.

After the neurology testing was completed as shown on yesterdays post we went for the X-Rays to check for full blown pneumonia. Thankfully nothing is showing up on the X-Rays so it’s still that pre-conversion Aspiration Pneumonia. Whatever, I still feel like absolute crap. Second series of antibiotics and still have trouble speaking because of the cough. Grrrr.

Order changes are as follows

Tests / visits / devices ordered are

  • Chest X-Ray Series <DEAD> (DONE) [will drop from list on next list]
  • Neurodiagnostic Testing <DEAD> (DONE) [will drop from list on next list]
  • Pulse Oximeter (ordered by pulmonary) <INACTIVE> [WAIT FOR BETTER INSURANCE]
  • ETCO2 monitor (ordered by pulmonary) <INACTIVE>[WAIT FOR BETTER INSURANCE]
  • Endoscopy (2 year follow up & suspected internal pressure ulcer from G-Tube + H. Pylori follow up) (IP) <WAIT SCHEDULING>
  • Muscle Biopsy - See if there is a muscular dystrophy or other disease directly affecting the muscle such as progressive rhabdmyolysis. (Live - To be scheduled) (OP / IP at doctors discretion)<WAIT SCHEDULING>
  • Toxicology panels (drug & standard) - See if disease caused by toxic mutagenic agent (Live - To be scheduled) (OP) <INACTIVE>[WAIT FOR BETTER INSURANCE]
  • Urodynamics study (under anesthesia or neuromuscular blockade) (repeat due to question of suprapubic catheter) (IP) <WAIT SCHEDULING>
  • Echocardiogram (repeat due to 1 year passing since last ECHO) (IP)<WAIT SCHEDULING>
  • CT head & spine w/o contrast and with contrast (repeat due to 1 year passing since last CT series) (IP) <WAIT SCHEDULING>>

are also waiting on a few other things to be ordered after the completion of these, the next order batch is. All of the below are considered dead until converted to live orders.

  • Deep Brain Stimulator insertion surgery talk (new surgery in talks) (IP, Duh!) <INACTIVE>
  • Pulmonary Functions Test + Waking ABG draw (resp problems, PFT is a default test every 3 months, 4 months passed. waking ABG based on research) (OP / IP PFTs to be OP ABGs probably IP) <INACTIVE>
  • Spinal plain X-Ray series - June(6 months will have passed, usually done twice yearly) (OP) <INACTIVE>
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