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Monkeys killed Mayor of Delhi

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:40pm

Okay readers you cannot make this stuff up! The deputy mayor of the Indian capital Delhi was attacked by a group of monkeys and died a short time later. The city has been overrun with monkeys who snatch food from people and terrorize tourist and residents alike.

One government solution to the monkey problem has been to bring in larger more ferocious monkeys to capture or scare off the problem monkeys.......... is it just me or does anyone else see the problem here?

The city has also employed monkey wranglers to round up the monkeys and move them to a forest area........... anyone else see the problem here?

If I was a city manager overrun by ferocious food snatching deputy mayor killing monkeys I believe I would take much different action. Now for all you PETA members you may want to stop reading here. Okay I warned you.

Growing up in southwestern Pennsylvania I took a hunter safety course at age 11 and started hunting at age 12. I became an active bow hunter and yes I have white tailed deer heads, mule deer heads, turkeys and fish taxidermyed on my walls. Kill all the monkeys. There I said it does that make me a bad person?

In the Hindu religion these monkeys are seen as the manifestation of a monkey god and are fed and protected! Why can't these manifestations ever be butterflies? It's either ferocious monkeys or sirloin tips. Some religions I just don't understand, I still respect their beliefs but monkeys, come on.......

On a local note Republican mayoral candidate Mark DeSantis would like to extend an invitation to Delhi to become a sister city to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has also initiated an exploratory committee to train Pittsburgh zoo monkeys to assist in his campaign against incumbent Mayor Luke......... details on Channel 4 action news.
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