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MEGAPOST: Culvers Concrete, Scratch your head with a gun, Slamming Apple Cider & wine, The BURGERDAQ, Walking in the OR, Breathi

Posted Nov 05 2012 12:00am

I don’t want to hear tl:dr out of anyone. This post is for the most part VIDEOS and PICTURES. So if anyone claims Too Long Didn’t Read I will personally beat you to a pulp through the computer screen! Just kidding. And there are a few paragraphs but it is very CRITICAL information

Culvers Concrete meets the Alin’s Concrete which is my Nutren + Strawberries no added water. It’s pretty tasty and very calorie dense!

Here we go, blow up two cars, then scratch your head with your gun, and aim it around like an idiot all in front of a cop. It was awesome funny.

Theres this friend of mine on Youtube named Shoenice22 who inspired me to start slamming things because he makes money doing it and I need extra money. So I am going to be slamming different drinks, alcoholic and non alcoholic, but all SAFE. He does ones that are pretty unsafe but his are cool to watch and so are mine! So we make a good team! He can do the unsafe stuff thats too risky for me and I can do the safe stuff. If you want me to guzzle / “Slam” something and you think its safe send me a E-Mail and I will further evaluate its safety and if I find it safe and logical enough, it will end up on my Youtube! I also slam through my G-Tube in fact I slammed a glass of wine through my G-Tube in the video immediately following the cider! Mind you the only reason I do this is because it is recongizably as safe as simply drinking it, though it does get into your system faster if you were to guzzle the same glass of wine you would get the same effect, only with a 20 minute delay. This was near immediate since it goes right into my stomach skipping a lot of digestive process. It wasn’t that good tasting so I figured it’d work better to tube it anyway!

The BURGERDAQ I mean electronic displays at Burger King, it was youtube worthy. I really found it to be state of the art and funny.

I finally made the Walking in Memphis parody Walking in The OR. and Breathin’ In Sevo which is Walking on Broken Glass. Here they are above.

Me and my girl Annie

Me and my girl Annie

Saturday was quite a lot of fun especially with Annie and Cheryl and how we bowled. It allowed me to take all kinds of photos. One interesting thing with Annie is that she was not wearing her harness for quite a large portion of the time. Which I found interesting. I need to have my harness on at all times unless I got serious tilt on my wheelchair otherwise I flop forward. Annie was so cute and colorfully dressed so I was quite addicted with photographing her. This is week 6 bcause I missed bowling week 5. But in week 4 I was touching and rubbing her harness because of how smooth and soft it looked, My autism makes me think unusual ways. Sometimes I wish I could be shrunk underneath someones harness and held snugly by it against whatever they are wearing, preferably something soft and smooth like say Annies winter coat. I love the way Neoprene and pretty much all materials harnesses are made of so being shrunk under one would give me an absolutely pitch black dark warm good smelling environment. I would totally sleep like a baby. In fact I kind of do that already wrapping my harness around my head sort of and sleeping that way. I am sure there are other autistics out there who have thoughts of the idea of being shrunk and being squeezed under something etc. especially ones like me who are pressure and heat seekers.

But there was a CRITICAL issue that occurred on Saturday immediately following the actual bowling. The enemy, is shown below.

The machine that caused the seizures stacker

The machine that caused the seizures… Stacker

Your probably looking and saying okay, what does an arcade machine have to do with a CRITICAL problem. Well this thing was located in the main entry way of the bowling alley. I have never had photosensitive (light sensitive) triggered seizures up until Saturday. Drove up and parked maybe 10 feet or so away from it waiting for someone to get the door and then the next thing I remember is staring at Mary, our aide and her helping me get the hell out of there and explaining that I had a seizure. I got pissed big time. I want that machine unplugged and moved. This is the first time I have ever had photosensitive seizures. The seizure lasted 26 seconds according to her and my whole right side started shaking. I lost consciousness and was very confused and tired and unsteady. So tired that to the point I had them drive my chair onto the lift which I never have had to do. They got me on the lift and another seizure hit me which was witnessed by both Mary and Rachel a program director it lasted 10 seconds It was considered a tonic seizure because all my muscles got very tight and i lost consciousness again. I knew I was on the bus but they asked me where we were and I was totally out of it until I quickly looked through my camera frantically trying to rebuild my memory that was completely scrambled. There are still fragments from bowling that are completely gone. On the bus I was also having some confusion because they asked some questions. Not a good event. Very scary for me and them. Official records should be released this week. I will probably transpose what those say onto the blog. What I have here is recollection based off of what they said to me and may not have all the data that the official record will have.

Waking up after 2 hours of sleep after two major seizures

Waking up after 2 hours of sleep after two major seizures

If you know much about seizures you will know that immediately following seizure you enter the post-ictal state (Post seizure) which can consist of confusion and tiredness. I had both and ended up crashing out in my wheelchair upon arriving at home. Falling asleep so heavily resulted in a heap of slobbering on my harness which felt quite good to me. I made a short video that explains why slobber feels good.  And also took some photos cause I liked the shiny look! So I took a small batch of pictures as I was waking up.

When the clocks change weird things happen. Cable boxes change on their own, time travel happens, funny useless videos are born. Well okay, not for everyone but in our house a funny useless video was born as the Cable box changed its self. Here is that video.

Everyone loves power. Everyone in a powerchair will know what a battery ‘group’ number is. For those of you who don’t the higher the number the more power is packed into the battery and usually the bigger the battery. theres U1, NF22, Group 24, Group 34, and some larger. But group 34 is pretty much the largest battery you can put into a wheelchair with a relatively normal frame. Well I am surprised that being I am only a 120 pound user I have group 34s in my wheelchair. Usually they are reserved for larger users. But so much for that, I found them in my battery box!

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