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Medicine, Math and Music

Posted Feb 19 2010 6:04pm

Why medicine? I answered this question in detail a few weeks back while introducing you to my newly found and rediscovered passions.

Why math? Though I have not shown the brightest aptitude for the area of mat and its classes in the past, I believe wholeheartedly that my motivation to do well will come from keeping my eye on the prize. My reward: Helping those who need it most when they need it most.

Why music? Music, as adopted in the philosophy of music therapy, is a natural healer. It also proves to be a common ground that connects many individuals who may not have had common interests at the start of a relationship. whether that relationship was professionally or personally centered.

It may seem obvious that, as I have grown older, I have developed an extensive curriculum vitae of clinical experience as a patient. Recounting my medical history to doctors and nurses by the time I was seven, my parents ensured that I knew the obstacles and the histories so that I could better educate myself and others for the future. For many reasons, which may seem obvious, I have felt as though, for the last nearly 20 years, I have experienced the third year of medical school.

While there is little doubt that the experiences I have had the true pleasure of enduring will not help me, I tend to think that the faculty and staff of Johns Hopkins will want me to take my rotations and will want me to exhibit my knowledge in that way to other patients and their families. In that way, medicine will be difficult. The role reversal that will occur for me after having been a patient for many years on a regular basis should be a challenging, but rewarding one. The fact that I will be serving patients with similar struggles is the truest example of sheer joy I have ever experienced. Medicine is indeed a process, and those of us who have spent our lives dedicated to improvement by meeting with doctors, specialists, and other medical professionals understand that fact to the highest degree.

By the many e-mails I have gotten from parents of young children, I understand the anxieties faced by both the parent and child when the discovery is made that the child has an obstacle that they must overcome, and the fact that I am aware of such struggles fuels my desire and my longing to assist people who may not be as fortunate more than is comprehensible by any living being.

Math is one of the most challenging academic subjects i have endured during my academic career. Many of the sills required to be successful in the courses are concepts that use many of the areas of my brain that were damaged as a result of the hemorrhage at birth. As I prepare for medical school, one of my ultimate goals is to achieve success (and demonstrate capability) as proven in high school so that once more, I will understand and empathize with the situation that many patients I will treat would enjoy completing a complex fraction problem or a problem demonstrating linear regression. For now, for me, and for always, I will jeep my eye on the prize.

The prize, as its affectionate analogy alludes, is not an ordinary gift or honorarium, as one may think. The prize, in my heart, in my mind, and in my career, is the factthat, though I will be in my late twenties before the fruits of my labor come to light, I will be rewarded by getting the invaluable opportunity to help and to heal. Often, I am reminded that the Greek root for doctor is 'teacher', and I couldn't be more honored to have this calling bestowed upon me in such a way that is immensly fulfilling.

As a music therapist and doctor, I will have the distinct privilege of a daily demonstration in how music can be a natural healing agent for many ailments, illnesses, and disabilities. Though there is no cure, music therapy, and music in geeral has the distinct power to divert attention to the important things in the life of a pient such as love, life, happiness, joy, and positive emotions.

My cup runneth over with medicine, math, and music.

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