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Me and AJ another photoshoot, How to fix eye twitches using rubber hairbands, and inventory!

Posted Nov 20 2010 12:00am

A world of swirling light. and me and AJ are in it!

A world of swirling light. and me and AJ are in it!

Well looks like Mike Patnode went a bit crazy with the camera last night but I like the 10 pictures he snapped off so I decided to throw them up on my Flickr account. He has one over here me and AJ as always had a lot of fun last night doing our usual photostimulation thing. :D I slept so good as a result! I was up really late but I woke up on time! Reason is the more stimulation I get the better I sleep or something like that. Go ask a Neurologist about it. I ain’t no Neurologist. :P Anyway hit the picture to view more. :D

Fixing my twitchy eye

Fixing my twitchy eye

Last night and several nights before I think. I was having for like several nights to a week this weird problem with my left eyelid twitching so I decided to take a rubber hairband to it and put it on my eyelid muscle TIGHTLY, according to my theory pressure depolarizes the nerves thusly depolarizing the muscle in the eyelid thusly restoring normal sensation and movement. In simple words it worked but left a temporary mark from how tight it was. I also like sucking on them and rubbing them on my head overall… They feel so good haha. A few photos are up.

INVENTORY! INVENTORY! INVENTORY! Yep that’s one big thing that comes with being a trach-ee and a G-Tube dependent person. Lot’s of supplies to track so I use RomiSys Inventory Droid to keep track of all my stuff. If you have ANYTHING you need to inventory be it Medical supplies, your household pantry, anything, you can use Inventory Droid on an Android device. What I like about it best is the ability to “scan in / scan out” items, so you don’t have to manually do everything. Mind you it does not recognize some barcodes so those you still have to manually do, but isn’t it nice to have ONE program for ALL of your inventory? This thing does it all, check it out. it even has “Accounts” with passwords for more professional places. For your house you probably only need one account with multiple categories like “Pantry”  ”Fridge” and whatnot. So back to talking about ME, I have been using Inventory Droid over the course of last night doing all the scannable items and now today I will be punching in the manual items and then it will all be a convenient CSV file I can import into Excel, edit a few lines, add my order quantity and E-Mail my order over to Walgreens respiratory and call to confirm. STREAMLINE THAT! Oh wait, you cant streamline it any further… well you could if it was all built into the program. But hey the desktop program Inventory Desk BETA is well just as it says on the tin, BETA.

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