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Make-A-Wish to England practically fried

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm
England is fried

England is probably fried

So we thought England after the whole February 13th toss up may have had a chance again.

Well, this is pretty sad news many people in england have had their hopes up on me visiting, and it’s more than likely smashed to pieces again. I have just sent what is probably final cancellation declaration into Make-A-Wish on three counts against the trip to england. The most major is the Swine Flu problem spreading in the airports and having already had cases in the United States I DO NOT feel air travel overseas or anywhere for that matter is safe for me. Also the fact that I would have to travel in an airline seat makes my butt and back and neck hurt just thinking about it, oww! Okay time to stop thinking about that. Then there is the problem of getting sick with whatever other infectious illnesses and ending up having my Make-A-Wish go from being a fun trip to the UK to a trip to the UK to get admitted to the hospital.

So at this point I think England is a complete bust. I told them in the E-Mail I am going to give it a month to see if they get the Swine Flu shut down or if it keeps spreading. If it stops spreading and gets shut down I will rethink this decision. If it keeps spreading then by all means the trip to England is effectively NUKED.

Those of you out there who might be thinking, “Damn this guy is a total hypochondriac.” My answer to you, Swine Flu is a serious risk and is extremely dangerous for even normal people, for anyone affected by neuromuscular disorder it is likely 100% fatal.

For more information on the Swine Flu click this area The page is updated daily. So far 40 cases confirmed IN THE UNITED STATES. Although the spread is pretty limited right now it is still actively spreading, hence why I said I will recount in 1 Month and give final cancelation then.

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