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Lump in the breast… crap, fixing my sleep and 3 Littmanns on my neck :D… pu

Posted Jun 29 2010 12:00am

Great, you know about my left breast? The “boob”, the one thats abnormally large. Well it has a huge golf ball sized lump in it so we are making an urgent ultrasound appointment at the breast center, hoping it’s not cancer!

I spent a lot of my nights the last two nights not sleeping and working on stuff and it’s been really draining for me, so starting tonight people can WAIT until the next day or forget about it, my sleep comes first. I don’t mean to come off as rude to anyone but I have had it with this computer ruining my sleep and E-Mails coming in asking me to do things.

My new contact hours are as follows

Weekdays (M-F) 8:30A-12:30A (max 2:00A)
Weekends (Sat-Sun) 9:30A-12:30A (max 2:00A)

Sorry about the shorter hours people. But please know all messages here on the blog will be answered on the next day and same goes for E-Mails.

So tonight I’m gonna grab my Littmann and wrap it around my neck and relax with the smooth warmth on my cheek and lips around 12:30ish, I am burnt…

How I really sleep, my cervical support pillow and Littmann

How I really sleep, my cervical support pillow and Littmann

But in other news as of now we have THREE Littmann’s on my ventilator, two of which are Cardiology III’s and one Lightweight, and you bet I tried ALL of them on my neck! Very heavy and warm in comparison to my old photo shoot I did. You also see me in this photo shoot in some positions that look like I am about to fall asleep, and Indeed I am! You also see in the set the exact position(s) I sleep in with my Littmann, it feels so good on my neck and lips, very, very, relaxing. and very warm on my neck. Click the photo above to see more :D

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