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Long time since last post

Posted Jan 11 2010 6:56pm
So many things have happend, so many milestones made.  Hawke just had a thorough MRI and overall it was well.  Occasionally his eye unequally dialiate, no definitive answers other than its possible that the shunt works or drains inconsistentlly when constipated or ? 
No symtpoms of failure, showing great signs and slowlly increasing in words and sounds.  Never fast enough, its easy to forget the accomplishments and focus on what should could he do next?  Thankful for his progress, I'll try to post more often. . . . 12 hour days at work im thankful for but it decreases social time : - )  Hawke is 20 months . .amazing!  I do a lot of posting on facebook, prayong for landen a friend of ours who is stable in the hospital with mithocondria (bad speeling) and unexplained seizures and symptoms.
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