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LNC Writing For Attorneys

Posted Mar 30 2011 2:01pm
Writing samples: Parker 75

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As a college student we have all spent many hours laboring over term.  Hours of research were followed by many more hours of writing, and rewriting, and rewriting again.  Then more hours might be spent stretching the material into the minimum number of pages required.  Then to finish up the paper by citing the references appropriately would cause a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and a panic as time was running out.


A legal nurse consultant one will be required to write regularly for their attorney clients.  That writing could be a report, a chronology, a timeline, letters, or even emails.  The writing style for the college professor is quite different that writing for an attorney.  The table below gives a quick summary of some of the differences between the two.


Writing for a Professor Writing for the Attorney
Heavily cited A few footnote or internet links
Reader assumed to understand terms Definitions given, abbreviations spelled out
Set number of pages expected No defined page length
Rewarded for depth, exploration of each nuance Focused, get to the point, what are the pertinent facts
Understand when the assignment is due; knowledge of date well in advance Likely gives you a rush assignment; If no due date is specified, it is still expected to be delivered in a timely manner
Latitude on selecting what you wish to write about and usually something of interest to you No choice about the assignment; may have little or no familiarity with the medical issue
Writing style is defined to include margins, font, spacing, citation structure Rarely define expected layout; could be narrative report, chronology, timeline, or combination of elements


Both your professor and your attorney client are interested in clear writing that conveys information in a meaningful way.

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