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Lindsay Lohan Sentencing

Posted Jul 07 2010 7:25am

This morning I was reading ABC news online just like every other morning, when I came across the article regarding Lindsay Lohan receiving a sentence for her DUI conviction. After violating her terms for probation she was sentenced to 90 days in jail followed by 90 days in inpatient drug rehabilitation.

I have to say Finally! Although I doubt she will do the full 90 days incarceration, at least she was sentenced. Some people say she received a harsher sentence because she is a celebrity. That may be the case, but I say it's about time celebrities are held accountable for their actions.

Here is an individual with every benefit society has to offer. She should be able to comply with the terms of her probation. She missed 9 sessions of her alcohol awareness classes! Lindsay obviously did not take the court seriously, so she should be incarcerated at least in my opinion.

My only problem with the case is the judge gave her two weeks before she needs to turn herself in to serve her sentence. I would have taken her into custody immediately.

Maybe over the next two weeks she can remove her custom fingernail polish that says f**k u.... it's statements like that that don't go over too well on the prison yard.

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