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Launched on YouTube!

Posted Jun 26 2012 12:46pm

Today we are launching Who Says I Can’t TV on YouTube. Networks are still taking a look but who knows how long that will take and if they will go for it at all. Maybe YouTube just works or maybe it gets the networks to pay attention. But we want to try this “new” vehicle for original content and to do that successfully I am going to need all the help I can get. YouTube won’t pay much attention until we have 50,000 subscribers! Future episodes of Who Says I Can’t will only be possible if we can generate advertising revenue by creating a large subscriber base on YouTube…And that is where our friends come in. Viral marketing doesn’t just happen by itself – it has to be seeded. 

I’d like to ask you to be part of my viral “seed”. Suppose 50 of you get 50 of your close friends to be subscribers and to recruit 50 of their friends. Then, if they do the same with 50 of their friends, guess what? Who Says I Can’t will have gone viral with over 6M subscribers! OK maybe I am dreaming again but let’s give it all we’ve got and see. Is this possible? Is this show this good? Who knows, but if you think so, let’s make them take notice. Who Says We Can’t!


If you would be willing to take these six steps we might have a chance at creating a phenomenon:

1. Please watch one of the videos in the new Who Says I Can’t channel launching on YouTube here:

2. Add a comment; comments help to create a buzz all by themselves.

3. Just under the video player are Like, Favorite and Share buttons. If you like it please “Like” it. Maybe Favorite it too using “Add to”.

4. The most important thing you can do is subscribe to the Who Says I Can’t channel through the “Subscribe” button above the viewer.

5. Consider sharing it to Facebook, Twitter and also to Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest and other social network sites you use.

6. Last and biggest impact of all is for you to copy this “action list” of six items and send it to as many of your contacts as you possibly can and ask them to do all the items in this list as well. 


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