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Lab test day… yes I studied and lunch at omega and baclofen refill and pressure tape

Posted May 10 2012 12:00am


Strap in at 8:47 AM
Depart home for LGH blood 8:53 AM
Arrived LGH at 9:26 AM
Arrival in lab registration at 9:32 AM
Drawing and video at 10:00 AM
Depart lab at 10:36 AM
Depart LGH at 10:54 AM
Arrive omega at 11:04 AM
Depart omega 12:07 PM
Arrive Target 12:13 PM
Depart Target 12:57 PM
Arrive LGH 1:08 PM
Checked in for pump refill 1:12 PM
Refill start at 1:30 PM
Finish refill at 2:10 PM
Depart LGH at 2:25 PM
Arrive home 3:01 PM


A friend of mine made a joke. Did I study for my tests? On Facebook and, so I couldn’t help but copy it over here to.the blog.

Timothy C. Well, I hope you studied for the test! LOL

Alin S Ya needle goes in blood goes in vial needle comes out and is disposed of in proper sharps receptacle paperwork is done to document the blood the blood is labeled and bar coded and shipped via overnight to the central genetics lab then scanned in and begins being processed. Video below of that.

At Omega we had lemon soup. I ate a Greek salad, well some Greek salad. And we sat around and talked since my Baclofen pump refill isn’t til 1:30 PM.

At 12:07 OM we left to go to Target to buy some stuff needed around the house and specifically glucose / dextrose tablets for me… damn you hypoglycemia. So we got to Target at 12:13 PM and I sped over to the pharmacy and finally found a case of glucose tablets on an end cap I took the whole case and paid for myself with my own credit card. No wonder people get in so much debt swiping these things is pretty fun and rewarding when ya get a bag of goodies back!!! Then came the door below…

Emergencyschmergency Exit, more like Staff Only

Emergencyschmergency Exit, more like Staff Only


So much for emergency exit I saw several staffers go in and out of these doors why not make it say staff only & emergency exit.. damn you Target!

After Target we returned to the hospital to refill my Baclofen pump. I got video of that below. EXCLUSIVE to

Clear pressure tape

Clear pressure tape

Oh and Yesterday I got some cool colors of pressure tape; My physical therapist told me to buy from this place even though it’s marketed as ‘Bondage Tape’ its much cheaper than the Medical pressure tape and does the same thing. Don’t you love how Medical companies sell the exact identical of one product calling it Medical grade (insert name here) and then you have another place that sells it as (insert name here) without the whole medical price inflation? Your answer, let me guess, automatic NO. It is insane how a Medical company can take something like say; for example… Pressure tape and charge 30.00 per 35 foot roll whereas I get three for the price of one Medical roll and I took a Micrometer, yes my mom is a sort of ex jewelry appraiser, just doesn’t do it anymore because of my physical disabilities, and according to the micrometer this non Medical tape has more  It’s designed for both Autism and pain, it doesn’t stick to skin, sticks to its self, As far as the faulty Bondage Tape marketing I could still use it as such for autistic enjoyment, I like to wrap things around my head and I had my head wrapped up in this stuff… It’s really warm and smooth and soft. I could easily have fallen asleep with my head wrapped.

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