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Killing two birds with one stone, State ID + Voting Registration, then Medicaid signup

Posted Oct 10 2009 10:02pm
My new ID card

My new ID card

Yesterday (The 9th) we went to the DMV to get my Disabled ID card made since Harris Bank told me as of November 1st a person over the age of 18 may not use their High School ID as a form of identification to withdraw or deposit money at a physical teller. That kind of screws me since I can’t use drive up ATM, well theoretically I could as I could “Drive up” in my chair, but that would be kind of stupid in the dead of winter, so tellers for the win! Let alone the person to person interaction of actually knowing my money is in the banks hands is a good feeling. Anywho we arrived at the DMV and a woman walking out said “I was in there for 6 hours for my stupid under 21 ID” We walked up the registration clerk, a dark woman in a yellow shirt and she said, hell no you don’t need to wait, come right this way. She pushed us right to the front of the line in front of everyone else, we filled out the applicable forms and signed the dotted lines and on top of that they pre-filled a voter registration sheet that all I had to do was sign and date and they will do the rest, nifty! After that the woman in the yellow returned and took me over to the Camera Area where, if you guessed the pictures get taken and the ID gets printed, you are right! They rolled out a special camera specifically for people with disabilities and took my pictures, in 5 minutes I had my card (shown above with lots of information blanked out) All in all what took one woman 6 hours took me a matter of 30 minutes, awesome! I got treated like the freaking president in that place.

Now thats killing two birds with one stone! For a higher resolution picture of my card, click it!

After that we jumped over to the local Department of Human Services office to see if we can get me some medical help in the form of Medicaid, since I am fiscally and financially but not physically independent I might qualify for it and circuit breaker. Circuit Breaker would be nice since then I can ride the busses and trains for free!

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