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Joysticks, Low Class Mail, Trach Log, Christmas Cards Released, Quick Camera Shootout, Panasonic Wins Canon goes back! Remote fo

Posted Dec 15 2012 12:00am
Quad handle and a big stick

Quad handle and a big stick

Priority mail means three days or less right… WRONG, at least in the case of me getting some much anticipated and needed joystick handles for my chair. Well it was pretty much as good as Parcel Post coming eight days after the ship date. Reason: The post office screwed the package over royally. In fact if it wasn’t for me intervening and getting a PTT (Package Trace & Trap) put on the package. At that point they placed our airports sorting facility on red alert, showing staff photos of the packages and telling all of the sorting machines that if it scans the barcode to halt sorting and sound the emergency stop alarm or if someone sees it to hit the E-Stop switch. After the problem was sorted it was delivered within 2 days. It would have probably either been RTS (Return to Sender Undeliverable) or lost if I didn’t intervene. So I made a humoristic video called Hacking USPS turning Priority Mail into Parcel Post.

On Friday (BEFORE THIS LAST ONE) I had my trach tube changed.

Strap in 1:10 PM
Depart PGH 1:21 PM
Arrival at LGH 1:46 PM
Registered at 2:00 PM
In preop 2:05 PM
OR time 3:07 PM
Postop phase 1 3:41 PM
Postop phase 2 4:30 PM
Depart LGH 6:04 PM
Arrive PGH 6:34 PM

During Pre-Op I was wheeled out by the nurses desk and we were chatting and Me and Docter Ocharick (sp?) were talking about how I control things like mission controls a rocket launch, Go for 0.5% MAC he replies MAC is 0.5% then I say 1.0 and 1.5 so on. Then suddenly I say hey, man, this smells like more than 1.5 And he says “It’s 2.0 I’m taking a shortcut” And I quickly rebutted and said, so you wanted to shut me up quicker, so long farewell im turning up your vaporizer i want you to shut the hell uppp. And thats when the idea to do a So Long & Farewell Sevo version was born. I’ll have that on Friday or sometime soon.

Thats a lot of mail people

Thats a lot of mail people

 The christmas cards have been MAILED as of Saturday the 15th, did you get yours yet? If so make sure to send me a Contact or an E-Mail. I love getting mail too so feel free to send one to me at ALIN S PO BOX 2634 60078 PALATINE IL 60074. Hope you all receive your cards!

Those of you who did not receive a paper card were probably not listed, to become listed send me your info to my contact me. Please note that a reciprocal card is required to be listed, No reciprocal is required if you want to be listed on E-Mail just simply subscribe and you will receive the E-Card link! The E-Card is a IDENTICAL and Ready to Print replication of the original, just insert it in your printer according to the instructions for printing a double sided document!

Without further Adieu I bring you the E-Card link !

This website will hold the card link available until New Years, After then you will have to view this post to get to that site. But that site still has my freaking 2011 card  available.

Me and my Lumix

Me and my Lumix

Wednesday I got a new camera. A Panasonic DMC-FZ200, you probably are thinking, is this guy nuts, how the heck can he afford all these cameras. I CAN’T! I bought the Panasonic camera on credit, as I did the Canon, the Canon was not satisfactory in a few ways which I will describe in my review video. To be announced.. The photo immediately above is me holding it unboxed!

Tripped this shot remotely!

Tripped this shot remotely!

I got a remote shutter release (Yesterday) for my camera. This is totally professional like now. None of that weird smile shutter stuff that only works half the time. This is the real deal. This is totally professional studio style!

Shown above is me in my wheelchair, with just my belt on, why? Well I had a seizure during my baclofen pump refill about 2 weeks ago and my belt came out of adjustment. I readjusted it again this time to be completely immobilizingly tight. I find it comforting and also it will keep my positon controlled ultimately.

My card at Bodypoint

My card at Bodypoint

I am so privileged at Bodypoint. They posted my card in the center of all the cards on the lobby wall! I love Bodypoint! Ashley and Jill and Robb and everyone there are so special. In addition all christmas cards I receive are scanned and archived, just hit my Bodypoint card to go to that archive! It will be there forever. It’s never too late to send me a card, well it is if it’s February. ALIN S PO BOX 2634 PALATINE IL 60078! Send em out!

In addition I got two E-Mails about my card. First one is newer DEC 20 the second the older DEC 15 one

E-Mail from Marty & Dodi

“Dear Alin

We received your Holiday Card today and it is very nice. I can appreciate how much time it takes to make one because I go through this every year. Being an artist helps also. If you would like to look at some of the other work I do, go to and Click on Member’s Gallery, Dodi Sikevitz. Also, you can Google my name. I don’t know how they get all the info about me, but they do. I will also go to your Web Site when I get time to see about you.

Say hello to your Mom and Dad, and thank you for the card!
Aunt Dodi and Uncle Marty.”

E-Mail from Hospital

“Good Afternoon,

On behalf of the entire Guest Service staff we would like to thank you for the wonderful Holiday card that was given to us. We enjoy the friendship that we have grown with your family and are extremely proud that we are able to better convenience you on your visits here at Lutheran General Hospital. God bless you all this holiday season!

Paulino A.
Lutheran General Hospital

“Guest Service Gives Best Service”

This e-mail, and any attachments thereto, is intended only for use by the addressee(s) named herein and may contain legally privileged and/or confidential information.”

Screw you confidentiality requirement!

Well Friday I had my identity stolen. 10 credit card numbers and one debit card number were lifted from my computer. No big deal, Saturday I had a new AmEx and a few others overnight. AmEx helped me cancel all my cards thanks to CreditSecure their premier product for securing your identity. Once a victim always a victim as they will always be selling your info. The only way to stop it forever is to get a new name, move, get a new social security number. Not going to happen with me! So what did I do with some old credit cards? I blended them!

You all waited long enough for the above song. It’s the 12 days of christmas WHEELCHAIR DEALER STYLE! It took me a lot of time to get it just right and get it all edited! I want this video to go viral people! Please help out and make it go viral! Facebook it, Twitter it, Everythinger it! I hope you enjoy! What I find to be a load of BS is they say CD Baby owns copyright to it ”The Twelve Days of a Guido Christmas”, musical composition administered by CDBaby. What a load of bollocks Youtube. Way to go bollocksing up my primier christmas video and screwing me over for earnings!!! WAY TO GO ASSHATS! Enjoy the song anyway. I will make another blog post of it when the copyright trolls get sotted out

Mel2's first birthday card

Mel2′s first birthday card

Ysterday was Mel4′s birthday, She is my Monoflex chest support and is very loved by me. Don’t know what this means, check this post . Anyway it was her first year birthday and I slept with her. Quite calming and relaxing to sleep with her but yesterday I slept with her and gave her lots of kisses and snuggles.

And now according to the santa tracker the midwest is online, so I bid you all farewell for the night. I don’t want to have to log on here and see all my presents saying DELIVERY EXCEPTION: DELAYED: NOT SLEEPING

Edit: 12:30 AM Changed about my trach change and some other date related fixes… Ok… BED.. NOW… fat red guy could be approaching here any minute and I AINT CHECKING THE TRACKER.

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