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Inspirations: Where Do You Get 'Em?

Posted Mar 04 2010 8:20pm
A faithful reader asked, "Where do you get your inspiration?" and sometimes, well, really, all the time, that's a multi-faceted answer, so I'm going to be sharing with you many different exciting pieces of information throughout this post. Read closely!

Medical school. As you may know, the desire to become a doctor was hidden. Hidden on purpose. I knew I desperately wanted it. I remember having a 'cart' full of medical supplies as a child and loving each and every minute of using the stethoscope to monitor the heartbeat and lung functions. I knew, from a very young age, that I would love o be in the medical profession. It wasn't until I got older and realized the depth of the schooling involved. A blog reader contacted me, and he is now my "medical school mentor". His story is one of the most inspirational I have ever heard, and hopefully, when he returns from Haiti, we can begin to work together to post some articles of interest here, and maybe begin to divulge some of the details of our summer collaborations. In terms of the academics, the maths and sciences haven't been my strong points, but I'm hoping to change that with this pre-medicine track.

Just because this week hasn't been my shining point in terms of grades doesn't mean it can't turn around. I'm working to change my sleeping habits, my eating habits, my exercise habits, and just all around. Things will be different from this point forward; it'll simulate the life of a doctor, and I couldn't be more excited to show off who is capable of medical school. When I had my official advisement meeting with a pre-medical adviser, my top four schools ended up being Columbia University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and Emory University. Emory is strictly a backup for right now, but New York University is also an option. For whatever reason, for this opportunity, I am highly attracted to bigger, New England cities. To continue my inspiration, however, I am turning things around. It just must be done, and I really have no choice if this is truly where I want to be and where I want to end up.

Music therapy. My music therapy story, as I've shared before, came out of the woodwork, and it nicely coincides with the same reasons for my effectiveness, or hopeful effectiveness as a doctor. I hope to be the exact doctor that McDoc describes in the comments of this post so that others will learn from me and so that I may help others to succeed and to thrive through my careers in music therapy and medicine. My inspiration for a career in medicine has also stemmed from my exposure to the workings of the field of music therapy, and it has been astounding the number of connections I've found with the two fields. It makes me excited to know that all of my schooling will be used when my dream is achieved. I will be in school for a very, very long time, and I couldn't be happier. I plan also to obtain my certification in neurologic music therapy at one of the weekend training sessions in Colorado. The branch of neurologic music therapy fits well with the workings of physical medicine and rehabilitation, and it will be crucial that I have the further knowledge of the way the brain processes music as a healing mechanism.

Many of the connections I've made through this blog, like Wade, Matt, Rachel, Nikki, Kimberly, Kat, Michelle, and Daniel, are also the reasons I do what I do. They are the ones who provide me with resources and suggestions to effectively implement my own needs and accommodations with those of my clients, and though the frustrations, the frequent anxieties, and the ever-present "what if" attitude, these music therapists assure me that things will turn out just as they should.

Blogging. Many, many, many of you have inspired me when it comes to blogging, and there is no possible way for me to identify all of you. Thank you to the blogosphere as a whole for your inspiration and encouragements.

Now that you know what inspires me, it's your turn. What inspires you? Why is it that you do the things you do?

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