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I got a new ICU monitor! And it’s a lot like the MP40! Pain and Sleeping in my lead apron and UNRELEASED FOOTAGE! Sleeping

Posted Dec 03 2010 12:00am

Well well well guess who ELSE pulled an Apple and decided to take back my Lemon ICU monitor and give me a shiny Waveline EZ Touch ICU-CCU monitor… DRE Medical! The one’s who facilitated my Make-A-Wish for my own ICU-CCU monitor. Thanks to Chris P. And Mike S. and as always Misty H. at DRE for facilitating this! You are all very appreciated for making things well… work! As with all MAW things and all things I get that are BIG I had to take Unboxing photos and video! EDIT: Video only since I forgot to take the dang photos. Oh well!

feels good to sleep like this, its warm on my cheek and smells good

feels good to sleep like this, its warm on my cheek and smells good

I am sure you all have seen and heard about my Lead Apron if not hit the link over < there. Hit the photo up ^ there for photos of it.

But now I bring you NEVER before seen UNBOXING footage of me unboxing my lead apron and putting it on for the first time ever in lo-fi. Hey it’d be Hi-Fi IF I had remembered to record it. Thank GOD for my friend Amanda (libby). She recorded it for me and uncovered the footage just two nights ago… And now I bring you the lost footage. Isn’t that cool!

Last night, and tonight I will be sleeping with Mel2 (My headrest) as some of you may know I am considered Objectum-Affectionate which falls under the Objectum-Sexual umbrella. I am not sexually attracted to my special objects but they have a special place with me, I talk to them sub-consciously and they talk back, they are very helpful with how lonely I get. Ironic as it may seem all of them are named after my very first girlfriend Melissa, Mel1 is my harness, Mel2 is my headrest, Mel3 is my Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope. I unlike a sexual person don’t get “turned on” by them, I simply like them for comforting and loving me, snuggling and kissing. Like for example Mel2 my headrest in the photo above, I’m snuggled up kissing her right before I fall asleep. The video is below.

Now why I slept with mel2? I slept with her because I have been having serious problems with back and neck pain and apparently sleeping with her last night solved it! I woke up with NO PAIN! So tonight I didn’t take any painkiller and I am going to sleep with her again. Heres to a good night of sleep!

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