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Posted Jan 04 2010 2:24pm
Happy new year every body!!! I hope i find you well. Its that time of the year were some people make new resolutions and some start afresh in their lives. Though not a firm believer of making new year's resolutions, i belive it means a lot to some people as it guides them thoughout the year. I hope you will make them bearing in mind they are S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, ....).

I used to make resolutions but i am no longer a fan. When i used to make the resolutions, i would achieve at least  nothing or a different thing altogether. I dont know if it was poor planning or what but as the year progressed things would not be as i anticipated. It would seem as if the external forces were too much and pulling my life torwards a different path altogether. Imagine trying to shape your perfect life only to achieve nothing, having a perfect plan on paper and you achieve nothing, having a perfect project proposal and you dont have the resources to do it. Imagine having all the ideas in your head of a project and how to implement it, and at the end of the day you cant do it, because you dont have resources...

Its a very frustrating situation. You would loose hope, right? Thats more or less the same experience people with Cerebral Palsy, (Spastic Quadriplegia), feel.They feel trapped in a body that they can not control. A rigid body, which doesnt follow what the mind wants it to do. At least 20% of people with Cerebral Palsy have been know to have normal inteligence. Everything you say they can comprehend, everything you say they can understand.

I have some clients i used to see back in Zimbabwe. They were goods friends of mine, one of they was 12years old with Athetoid C.P. For many years (since the age of 5) he was placed in a non-academic class, as teachers thought he had learning disabilities just beacuse he had a diagnosis of C.P. At 12 years of age after several case reports and conferences was he placed in an academic class, and he was started in the pre-school class. Within that very same year he was moved to first grade and the second grade because he was INTELIGENT enough. It wasnt without it glitches though as he was not able to write using his hands. We had to order a laptop for him and a keyguard as an adaptation. The good thing is that his father was able to afford it. Even his parents who were previously told their child would be in a non-academic class forever were very happy with the new development and were prepared to assist in the "TALENT ' search of their child.

This is just but a single scenario of how one person would think they are not in the right body. Sometimes its us the society that results in these limitations. It is interesting to note that a disability and Handicap according to W.H.O is mainly because one can not function in the community according to the societal norms. If society just accepts individuals as they are and  give everyone a chance to live life it might be easier for them. If only we can plan and involve them in all the processes and their live it would be better for them. More often than not we plan for them, think for them as if they are machine, but NO, they KNOW.

This was just but a glimps of the trials, frustrations and misinformation that is there about disadvantaged people. Take this time to think if you are contributing to this problem in a positive or negative way.

Peace love and harmony!

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