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how can i make myself be more comfortable with my body?

Posted by sugarcookie21

i feel like my body is disgusting for a 21 yr old. i recently lost 10 lbs so i now weight 170 lbs. i just dont like having a jiggly belly. i find it nasty. my fiance is skinny and im so overweight. i just want to feel sexy again
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You shouldn't think of yourself as disgusting. It's much easier to lose weight if you accept yourself as you are. I have had the same issues, I know how you feel. But your husband loves you and thinks you are sexy.

I highly recommend that you go to and listen the the free (FREE as in costs u nothing :D)podcast called Inside Out Weight Loss, by Renee Stephens. It is amazing and has helped me to overcome my dieting and weight obsession, improve my body image and lose weight in the process. Check it out, you won't be sorry.  Good luck, and don't be so hard on yourself.

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