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Hot in my room, now we know why. Sleeping in a transparent blue PVC raincoat, throat issues

Posted Nov 21 2012 12:00am
Insane peak temperature

Insane peak temperature

Well I have been having horrendous night sweats and the heat in my room sure hasn’t been helping. But what I kept finding odd is how I would go into a different room, like the bathroom and it would be cooler. So I decided to do some science last night, going around my room with my ICU monitor and its temperature sensor. The two main objects to test, the fridge and the ventilator. The fridges operating temperature when it is running is 71 degrees at the back side, on the sides of the refrigerator when running is 70 and the front is 69. Pretty normal. Then I went over the ventilator which my dad has been blaming for the last few months. He was totally right, with a wild high temperature of 73.8 2 inches above the control panel I knew that the ventilator was to blame. My rooms temperature averaged about 68-69 degrees in the fall last year. Always a little cooler than the rest of the house. I like it this way. But this year it began averaging around 71-72 which is a bit hot for me especially when I want to do something like sleep in my transparent blue PVC raincoat. Which as you all know with autism sensory stimulation is a must. Rett is a form of autism that is extremely severe and for extremely severe autism you get extreme sensory cravings. I am very happy that I have solved the temperature mystery! Now I just need to talk to Walgreens about the ventilator or move it away from the bed or figure out how to keep things cooler. I am in need of a lot more sensory stimulation in the fall and winter, and on top of that I am in the middle of a regression so that makes it all the worse.

Relaxing to go to sleep

Relaxing to go to sleep

See the picture of me above laying on my arm relaxed. I took a heaping 149 photos of me playing around with my transparent blue PVC raincoat. The shininess combined with the material never looking the same one photo to the next made for a big photo set. With how my sensory issues are regressing my stimulation behaviors are definitely amped up. You will notice in a lot of the photos I am staring down at the shiny PVC or staring into the wrinkles in it. In fact when I sit up there were lots of wrinkles on my back because the PVC is very clingy, you will see lots of those photos. That is a visual stim in and of its self to stare at those photos. In some of the photos you might notice me with the hood wrapped over my head, don’t worry though! I’m not suffocating! I either hold it air tight with my hand or simply fold it over and lay my head on top of the two pieces, so if I need air I can just turn my head or release my hand depending on how my positioning is. It feels good to do that because I like the way the PVC feels tightly hugging my face. Mind you I’d never sleep with the hood in any position where it could limit my air, just as with my swim cap post In fact about a year ago or two I found this guy who makes a special device called a ‘vacuum body condom’ that he designed with autistics in mind, well, it didn’t really go the way he planned, people were buying it for fetish use left and right with the occaisonal parent of an autistic buying. It was essentially a tube of latex that you slide yourself into up to your neck and you use a tube in your mouth to draw the air out, it stayed air tight so you used your own lung pressure to determine how tight the ‘hug’ is. Lets face it, Temple Grandins squeeze machine is archaic, you only have lateral pressure, no frontal or back end pressure and the texture of it is not customizable. There are even web pages about autistics using the same inflatable latex suits that fetish people wear but in the autism market they are called ‘trance suits’  I don’t have money to toss around for therapies and different devices so I am left to the things I have around and the occaisonal inexpensive purchase. In fact this raincoat was a gift to me from a very close friend. I crave intense stimulation so I think of ways to do it safely with what I have on hand. One thing last night I found very addictive was going from having the raincoat on backwards to correct, feeling the material pull and cling as I wiggled and pulled at it moving my arms under the sticky clingyness. I probably did that a good 10 times just cause it felt good feeling the cling and resistance of the PVC.

So here it is, another one of those rare glimpses into the extreme side of my life with autism and sensory issues. If you think it’s fetish your wrong. If you don’t like it then close the window, if you have something against me because of it there’s an unsubscribe button in every E-Mail I send. I want people who are willing to learn new things and be open to my unusual life. I am everything but typical.

My dad brought home a bug from his work or somewhere, he is on antibiotic as of today and was sick yesterday, then today I suddenly fell sick with my throat sore so called up my doctor and he was quick to throw me on Augmentin. It’s getting to be that crappy season for infections.

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