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Hope Springs Eternal

Posted Aug 16 2008 12:00am
The nursing has been approved, which is great. I'm not really surprised, though, because of the complexity of Maggie's care. Once I gave them a list of her nursing needs, the approvial was very prompt. The challenge was supposed to lie in finding actual nurses to work. As luck will have it, it appears nurses are lining up to work with Maggie. I am so relieved -- but still a little afraid to believe it. As of this minute there are three out of fourteen shifts open. And there are several people interested. Now we just need to figure out how to organize this and get the money to pay the nurses for the first month.

I have heard various things abou thte nursing agency that dropped us. One thing is the agency is reluctant to accept patients in San Francisco because they have to pay so many fees. The mandatory health insurance and other fees are meant to help the little people, but if companies won't do business becasue of the requirements it is the little people who suffer. There are no easy answers to any of this.

Today we went down to the victory garden at San Francisco's Civic Center with Maggie. They used the reflecting pool in front of City Hall, filled it with beds of planted vegetables in beautiful arrangements. There was room to maneuver the wheelchair around the beds and Maggie loved it. Then we hit the SF Main Library. I think I've been in there once before. It is great and Maggie found it highly amusing. The automatic book return was the best. A nice woman let Maggie push her book into the return and it whooshed away. Hilarious, I tell you.

We are hopeful that this new arrangement will work out. But change is a little scary and there are a lot of changes right now.
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