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Holistic Healing to cure Stuttering or Slurred Speech

Posted Sep 27 2009 7:10am

From an email enquiry:
"I am a 45 year old woman who has never had problems speaking clearly. I have been part of my church choir for decades now and work as a teacher. For the past few months I have had difficulty on and off speaking without slurring. This causes me deep stress as my profession requires me to speak all the time. I do not have a brain or nervous problem, I have had this checked. I have no addictions and there is no history of stroke problems in my family. Is there some other cause of slurring speech? Can I solve my problem with energy medicine?"

Stuttering or Slurring of speech is a demoralizing problem that unfortunately has very few treatment options in conventional medicine. This problem arises usually when the part of the left hemisphere of the brain, called 'Wernicke's area', which controls the function of speech is damaged or the cells here aren't well. This is called 'cerebellar dysarthia'.

In most cases, stuttering, stammering or slurring of speech is not because of an actual injury to the brain here. Even in the case such a thing happens, the right side of the brain that corresponds with this special area should be able to take on the job of speech regulation. In children, this happens naturally if brain health and vitality are supported by timely rest, exercise and nutritional support. Only in adults who have no vital energy left for such brain re-organization jobs is this hard to achieve.

In the energy field, most cases of stuttering, stammering and slurred speech show can be seen as energy deficient zones caused by energy blocks in the brain, and along the nerves going down the left side of the face. This can be caused by childhood trauma - especially during early childhood and the developing years. This can also be caused by stress, sensory overload, and a lack of brain vitality which means energy in the brain is not enough for all its functions.

To heal the speech function of the brain, along with the nerves and muscles that together work to help us speak clearly, the brain, left hemisphere in particular, needs to be supported to start recieving its full supply of energy, distributing it fairly, and resting enough so that its cells are rejuvenated and able to reproduce healthily once more. When the brain cells rejuvenate themselves, the connections between the various components of the brain open up, the nerves are relaxed and able to pass electric impulses through to muscles and functions like speech become smooth and easy.

I prepare an energy treatment to heal the part of the brain called Wernicke's area in the brain. If the left side is indeed physically damaged because of physical energy, this treatment will stimulate the corresponding area in the right brain to get energized and take over the job. This medicine also balances energy levels in the brain in general, improving motor function, ability to focus, sense organ function, better nerve-to-muscle communication. It also relieves ADD and ADHD symptoms, allows for better sleep quality and the flow of energy towards the throat, hands and feet for better, more fluent and controlled physical expression. I also add energy elements to aid in developing emotional stability and self confidence as these help reduce the stress that can aggravate stuttering and slurred speech.

Holistic Medicine to cure Stuttering or Slurred Speech - Energy Medicine Composition >>


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