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Hey Abner!

Posted Aug 20 2008 12:00am
Tim left for college this morning.We may not see him until Thanksgiving. It was tough to say good bye for all of us. Maggie gave Tim a kiss goodbye. That's her kiss pictured- she just touches your lips with her hand.

While packing and cleaning out his room Tim filled a plastic bag with all the loose change he found. He took it to a cash machine and collected $324!! It pays to clean your room! He bought himself a new television set for his dorm room with the money, and then promptly forgot to put it in the car. He didn't realize it until they arrived at the school. Oh well it was nice of him to buy us a new set.

So Maggie and I are on our own until Steve comes home tomorrow. I'm sure we can find some trouble to get in. Actually, Maggie already accommodated that this morning by pulling her trach out and sending me flying for the emergency supplies to change it. Because she's more stable now, it's not as scary as it was a year ago. I still have to move fast to make the change, but she's not in distress right away as before.

It serv es me right. It was a little smack down for being a nosy neighbor. I was checking out the arrival of an ambulance and fire truck up the street and trying to figure out what w as going on. I was not paying attention to Maggie and that is a punishable offense.

I have a lot of responsibility. I have to keep abreast of all the developments on the block and never take my eyes off Maggie.

There's a reason Gladys Kravitz didn't have kids.

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