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Happy birthday to Mel1, Mel2, and Jenny. And Spasms from HELL, ‘pneumonia’ and Constipation

Posted Feb 20 2012 12:00am

Alright people, before you even read this and think I am a total nutcase, which I am in some ways but not in this way I suggest you read about Objectum Affectionism .

Mel1's birthday card

Mel1's birthday card

I wish my harness Mel1 a happy fourth birthday. She has moved across two bodies and now resides in her third body after her first two did not stand up to how tight I like to wear my harness, and also my spasticity. Her current body is made by  Bodypoint  and is the most durable in the world. Mel1 went through two bodies in her first two years of her life. Anywho I wish my lovely Mel1 a wonderful birthday. I still have her old bodies, and she travels to them sometimes for snuggling up with me with a different texture.

Mel2's birthday card

Mel2's birthday card

My headrest Mel2 is also four years old and she is due for a new body but will keep this body too, just like Mel1 she will travel between the two bodies. The same issue is with this body as is what happened with Mel1 sort of, her lateral rod assemblies wore out over time because of how tight I like having the laterals. I super glued them on her current body at an extremely tight setting and the only way to loosen or tighten them is by way of using an allen wrench. Whereas before she wore out I could release the rods by way of two slide releases. But adjusting them required the allen key. So Mel2 will be receiving a new body soon.

Jenny's birthday card
Jenny’s birthday card

My Miami-J Cervical Collar Jenny is now two years old. She was first given to me in the hospital by Ballert Orthopedics, and she immediately took a loving place in my heart. She helps me with my neck pain quite often and even when my neck does not hurt I still will have her on because, it feels good to have her holding my neck tightly. So I definitely love her!

So why is this post so late? Well yesterday morning and this morning so far have been disaster’s. Yesterday  woke up at 8:00 AM and in a split second after waking up I spasmed so hard I ended up throwing myself from my bed and onto the floor, hurting my hip, pelvis, and back. And even managing to give my head a good whack! I was so worried that I had gotten a hairline fracture or a compound fracture on my pelvis or hip,  but I didn’t go to the ER, and I loaded up some Morphine into me. When the Morphine wore off I just had a headache and solved that with a heat pad to the back of my head.

Then last night I began hacking and was running a fever of about 99.7 worrisome, big time. I hacked and hacked and was suctioning like mad pulling secretions from my lungs directly with a suction catheter and going in very deep and ‘blind bouncing’ it off of my carina and into each lung’s major bronchial tree. After sufficiently cleaning my lungs out and letting myself rest I woke up this morning at 6:00 AM with a 98.6 temp, yay! So I call that a “Zero Day Infection / Pneumonia”

Oh boy I am really paying for that Morphine I took yesterday. Extremely constipated, in fact, I think the below YouTube video perfectly explains my situation, note: I didn’t make it nor do I own it’s rights!

All this crap being said; this is why I didn’t get this post up yesterday, when I wanted to! Oh well. Better late than never!

By the way, there’s lots of photos so click each photo above to see more!

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