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Graffiti artist is jailed day before show opens

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:39pm

I do not believe there is any artistic value in graffiti.  Calling this guy an artist gives him a sense of respectability when in fact he is a vandal and a criminal.

Graffiti damages property both private and public, lowers property values, invites crime and hurts the economy.  This individual has damaged numerous properties and has only spent five days in jail with a $1000 in restitution. 

He should thank his lucky stars I am not presiding over his case.  People often tell me I am a hanging judge.  If you run from the police you are guilty, 95% of the time if the police know you by name have dealt with you numerous times and arrest you:  You are guilty.

I would give this so-called artist a minimum one year in jail and a 1 inch paintbrush.  His condition of release, paint the jail a nice institutional gray..... when you are finished painting you can go home.

If he wants to be called an artist he should choose a legitimate display for his talents, don't paint his vision on other people's private or public property!  And as for his father he's not a nice guy Dad, he's a criminal.


Graffiti artist is jailed day before show opens

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