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Good news Bad news Good news and a Vest How To. Blogs & Valium don’t mix

Posted Jul 19 2012 12:00am
SNL Oscar Rogers FIXED IT (Click To watch)

SNL Oscar Rogers FIXED IT (Click To watch)

Well It’s been FIXED. And I think I am going to name Monday Mriday instead of Monday. Because it seems that I always seem to schedule MRI’s for Mondays. Next up on the list of items that need to get scanned are my hips and knees to see how the joints are doing, they look pretty poor on X-Ray and have never been MRI’d before so I bet the MRI reports won’t be very happy toned. But that’s all news for another day as those MRI’s have yet to even be ordered. I am happy to report that my arm and spasticity has been FIXED! Or so I think it’s fixed. Dr. O’Leary increased my pump dose by 20% too. I got my pump refilled also. The MRI results came back totally clean, that cerebral atrophy that was spotted on my March 12th MRI is unchanged. We were very worried about that worsening. I definitely grinned a sigh of relief reading that happy part of the report, then I moved onto my spine and all the spinal cord end of the report was fine, so apparently throwing the bowling ball didn’t mess up my spinal cord, thank god! I think I’ll stick to using the ramp… just in case. Moving down my spine they saw a few new Schmorl Nodes, which are common with my spinal malformities. Your probably by now if you are not a radiologist or radiolonerd wondering what the hell a Schmorl node is. Well thanks to Dr Lengerke I have an image that is easy to understand of what a Schmorl node is.

Schmorl Node

Schmorl Node

Look closely at the part represented by the arrows and then look at the large X-Ray image, see that downwards protruding spinal tissue that is impacting the middle vertebra? That my friends is a Schmorl node. To be exact they are cartilage migration. They are very common in people with severe spinal malformities and or disk disease. I have both disk disease and malformities, got a lousy deck of cards dealt to me in terms of spine’s. As soon as they master Spine replacement I will be first on the table for a full spine replacement! Moving on. All in one line.

Aside from the Schmorl nodes the MRI was CLEAN.

Lenscrafters / Luxottica Group


Well the slogan holds true in today. I had some bad news happen when I was getting ready to go for my pump refill, low blood sugar, I took a seat on my bed to gather myself and my glasses were there, bent the frames out of shape and screwed over the frame screw. Went over to Lenscrafters after my pump refill and Cedric there was quick to work on them, he tried to repair them at the counter but had to take the frames in the lab and fix them he made a few trips in and out of there, he came back out and I noticed a big chip in my right lens, the lens that had been flawless up till I went there, he looked at it and took me straight over to an order counter and got a new pair of lenses ordered for me and then I went into jewel and shopped with mom for a bit. I came of there tired and wanting my new lenses so we went over to Lenscrafters and after five minutes had my new lenses and like new frames in my hands. The frames felt new too. The lenses are flawless and the last two pairs I had had some tiny flaws that I wasn’t going to bitch about. But these are flawless. Now I have to guard them like fort knox. So thats the bad news, and then the good news! I got free lenses!

In the video above I show programming in an 8 hour cycle. Why would someone want a cycle this long? Well I sleep on the vest sometimes and secondly some people might need a 2 hour cycle, or even a one hour cycle programmed with many different frequency or pressure variations. Programming The Vest machine allows you to do anything you want with it. Except take over the world. Or produce your own Neoprene. And to you coffee nuts out there, no it does not take Keurig cartridges and turn them into coffee instantly. But, it does do one thing and does it damn well, clean out your lungs. So if you have bad lungs and have trouble with secretions consider grabbing a trial of The Vest system with your doctor?

Blogs and Valium don’t mix; you forget to do stuff and fall asleep. But forgetting to take your Valium does not mix with LIFE nicely. Off to take my Valium. Night! \


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