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Going to Chris Tomlin at Willow Creek and Happy Birthday to Mel1 (My harness) Dam Insomnia

Posted Feb 20 2011 12:00am
Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin

I am going to  Willow Creek on March 11th at 6:00 PMish for a Chris Tomlin concert that starts at 7:00 PM I will be sitting in the 3rd floor Balcony or on the floor depending on the accessibility. I have not been on the Willow Creek campus in like FOREVER. It will bring back so many good memories, I plan to go back routinely as soon as I get some logistical concerns and health concerns sorted out with mom and dad. It will be nice because I can make friends there and be reunited with some old friends. My ex girlfriend Melissa possibly still goes there but that means nothing to me anymore, her parents wrote me off and wrote a bunch of my friends off and told me and them to never come in contact with her or them again. So I have no desire anymore. Such a shame that such a sweet girl is going to waste. Very sad. But either way I AM GOING TO SEE CHRIS TOMLIN! If any of you visitors to the blog want to buy tickets hit the willow creek link and buy them! Then contact me so that we could meet up at the church!

On my bed for a night of snuggling and sleep (her bday card)

On my bed for a night of snuggling and sleep (her bday card)

If you do not know about my Objectum Affectionism then I suggest you learn about it now! The night before last night (The 18th) was Mel1, My harnesses birthday! She turned 3 as of yesterday! She is such a lovable harness and so good to snuggle up with and fall asleep with. I took these photos as part of her birthday. The photo above is her birthday card. She is such a beloved object to me. She was the very first, the one that showed me that I AM Objectum Affectionate. And then it just continued. Mel1 I will forever be indebted to you. And you Mel2 and Mel3 and Jenny. I love you all!!!

What sucks about sleeping REALLY REALLY good one night is the next night I get some nasty insomnia, oh well I will poop out… eventually..


Wanna see more photos, CLICK MY HARNESS. :)

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