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GED Done sort of…, Another overnight oximetry in the bag, Ham radio… Maybe, Wheelchair MUST GO, New Laptop, More Nas

Posted Mar 24 2013 12:00am

Well the GED is done… sort of, I still have to do the Social Studies and Math portions and probably have to retake the constitution test which I pretty much totally bombed out on.

I had to do yet another overnight pulse oximetry but thankfully the oximeter as you can see above was not a hunk of rubbish with a clamp on style sensor. I had some serious problems that night so I am hoping the results are not invalidated. If they are it won’t be the end of the world as the oximeter was not a pain in the ass like others.

A friend of mine is trying to help me set up a ‘radio shack’ in my bedroom, originally we were going to mount all kinds of cool ham radio gear on my wheelchair but that ended up being a no go due to hazard of interfering with sensitive electronics of a head array or whatever else is on the chair, so instead we are going to set up a base station in my room. Besides I ain’t gonna be talking to New Zealand over the radio waves in my chair while driving down the street in my chair, I am hopeful that this will go through without a hitch as I am quite excited about being a Ham radio operator, but there are a lot of things that could bring this whole operation to a grinding halt.

Wheelchair for sale

Wheelchair for sale

Some of you may know the wheelchair above and it’s story, if not click here , I need someone to buy it so I can return the money back where it belongs and get some bills paid off too. Hit this link to view the eBay listing.

Me with my new Retina MacBook Pro

Me with my new Retina MacBook Pro

This Retina MacBook Pro, yeah the one I am typing this post on delivered Wednesday at 10:44 AM, way too early for me to unbox it then so I put it aside and went back to sleep. I then proceeded to excitedly unbox and set it up, you can see all that in the video below.

Coming this evening, I mean it, this blog post is typed at 4:45 AM, I will have some Nascar Nastiness from me and Shawn. We also probably are going to empty out my closet and move my refrigerator in there, so expect a blog post tonight… tomorrow… whatever.


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