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Fridge moved, Videos coming, Wheelchair $ = Ham Radio = What!?

Posted Mar 28 2013 12:00am
Before and After

Before and After

Around 6:30 PM on Saturday we got all the clothes out of my closet and put them on my wheelchair and bed, then around 7:00 PM after I had removed everything from my fridge we proceeded to coordinatedly and carefully move the fridge into my Fridget, it can’t be called a closet anymore as there’s a fridge in it! At around 7:45 PM we completed everything and I put my stuff back in my fridge and taped up some of our phone wires, dang fridge snagged one. Oh well, phone wire is pretty durable. Why did we do this? well if you read the photo above you will see that before my wheelchair was a pain to park next to the fridge and my bed and getting in and our of my room was even harder. I am getting problems with my hands and arms slowly and am soon going to begin using a head array on a primary basis and my joystick on an auxiliary basis. The joystick will be for precise movements inside of the house but most of my gross movement and anything outside of the house where the bloody place is actually wheelchair friendly will be done on the array, especially cruising around town and stores in the summer. I am thinking things will get a lot easier with the head array as I will not be constantly making ‘course corrections’ due to the ‘drift’ in my hand.

I made a boat load more of Nascar videos with my friend Shawn.

Wheelchair for sale

Wheelchair for sale

Hit here for the eBay auction. I am selling this wheelchair because the majority of it was part of assistive technology funds and portions of it were allocated to the air conditioner fund. Well I talked with my doctor, specifically my psychologist and neuropsychologist and I have always had a strong affinity and attraction to radios, I love to play with radio equipment and sound equipment. So I decided that it would be a good idea for me to become a Ham Radio Hobbyist, I don’t say operator because I am not just going to be operating my radios but I am going to be building things and messing with my radio installing filters and other small accessories inside of it’s chassis with the help of SARC (Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club) volunteers. SARC will hopefully help me somewhat with the money of things and I am getting all of the equipment used on eBay for very low prices. But to be able to restore the funds to the assistive technology fund and pay for the equipment this wheelchair needs to be sold. The equipment will cost much less than what the wheelchair will restore into the fund.

Now your probably about to completely balk and say HAM RADIO?? just how the hell is that Assistive Technology. Well it’s simple here, from a neurodevelopment and psychological standpoint I am quite limited in what I can do as far as meeting new people socially and Ham Radio will allow me something I can do from the house and on my own with people nearby and even visiting. The radio is largely classifiable as a communication device since I will be using it to establish two way communication with other hams across the country and world as my license permits, this will hopefully get me to be more comfortable talking to people I don’t know via voice, sometimes I get quite anxious if someone just E-Mails me from my website asking me for a phone call, even if it’s from my shielded number I still feel anxious about it. The nice thing is with radio I am completely hidden behind my callsign until I give my regular name. In addition to that Ham Radio is something that with my limited mobility I will still be able to do no matter what happens with my hand control because if all goes to hell the radio can be controlled via a head switch interface running into my wheelchair. The other benefit to Ham Radio is I am already learning a lot about electronic circuitry and engineering which means I might be able to build my own equipment one day with the help of someone else at the soldering iron, sorry, I don’t trust myself soldering electronic equipment unless it’s dead simple, like soldering a large copper grounding strap onto the chassis of a radio for example, pretty hard to do any damage there, you end up with no ground and just a staticky unstable radio that won’t sound any good when you turn it on, obviously if you transmit ungrounded its not safe.

All in all donations that are Not allocated are considered Assistive / General Fund which I may use for any expense that we see fit that will allow me to excel with my disabilities.

Anyone interested in a detailed record of my general fund spending for donation purposes may request via private contact a disclosure. Please do not file excessive or abusive requests, Requests should only be used if you are considering donating and want to ensure your funds are not misused in the Assistive / General Fund. If you wish to avoid the hassle then I strongly suggest you place your funds in a  Directed Donation  by clicking the Fundraising panel or the link preceeding this text.

Money placed into a Directed Trust will not and cannot legally be used for anything outside the scope of that account without being reallocated, reallocation will only occur if the trust account is no longer needed, for example if the furnace gets excessive donations the funds will be reallocated to making the house more accessible for me. Either way when you make a Directed Donation the money you donate will remain in the Directed Donation accounts. and never be allocated to the Assistive / General Fund.

In addition to all this about the Ham Radio I can enter contests and win money with it, any money won from Ham Radio contests will be placed into the Assistive / General Fund.

Fact is here there are a huge amount of disabled Hams out there because radio is something that everyone can use, regardless of sight, or even hearing in some radios that feature braille morse code, speech is not necessary, mobility is not vital as long as there is enough to use switches.

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