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Forgotten valentines day cards, dinner at Yu’s Chinese review

Posted Feb 26 2013 12:00am
Mom and dads second card front Valentines day

Mom and dads second card front Valentines day

D’oh I forgot to get the scanned images of all the valentines day cards up along with a special item I received from a friend of mine named Addy, she is 5 years old yet oh so cute. Awesome little girl DeeDee and Greta have. I have spoke with her via Skype and look forward to going and playing with iPad communication software. She like me has Cerebral Palsy but she cannot talk. But she still manages to communicate and one of her ways is through her extremely contemporary art. Call the Chicago Art Museum for info about the Addy exhibit coming… … eventually.

Me and the menu

Me and the menu

I went to Yu’s Mandarin Restaurant for dinner Sunday and here is my review

The ADA and accessibility accommodations are incredible while they normally do not take reservations they can have an accessibility request noted and hold off an accessible table for your party.

the location is an average strip mall which might drive some very judgemental people off initially but step through the door and you are inside an elegant mandarin atmosphere. Music is quiet yet audible and enjoyable. . You won’t find the top 40 playing in this restaurant! Elegance is behind that door! Therefore soft classical and Mandarin Chinese is what you will hear. Immediately upon entry you are greeted by a giant glass wall view into the kitchen which is a lot of fun to watch. The flames are high and kids will enjoy peering through the window the whole time! Adults too, especially young men like I who are pyromaniacs will be sitting there waiting for a big flame!

We ordered for me a Blue Lotus cocktail.

For all of us eggplant pot and Peking noodle and scallops in garlic sauce.

Their beverage was non alcoholic Jasmin tea which was incredibly brewed. The brew was easily enjoyable without any sweetener. This is proof of a superior brew.

Moving to the blue lotus this drink may seem very exotic and out of this world. And to say the minimal, this drink is OUT OF THIS WORLD. The menu reads “Once there was a Chinese maiden who was desolate over the loss of a man. Daily she went to her garden to cry. Her tears fell on a beautiful lotus which turned blue and burst into the image of the man she loved. In celebration of their reunion, they drank this tasty combination of vodka, pineapple, lime juice, Blue Curacao, and rum.” To say the basics you probably as did I not know much about Blue Curacao except for the fact it is a liqueur. As quoted from a liqueur website “Blue Curacao is a sweet blue liqueur, distilled and flavored from the dried peel of Bitter Oranges. It can also contain distillates of Lemons and Curacao fruit” the fruity taste of the drink along with how smooth it is will make it very enjoyable to drink. It will be a drink that you won’t drink quickly to get buzzed. Even if you order it with the goal of getting buzzed you will slow down to appreciate the smoothness and many flavors in this drink.

The Scallops were amazing fried lightly with a light crunchy crust revealing a warm seasoned scallop they were amazing to enjoy and eat. The presentation on the plate was wonderfully elegant.

the Home Style Eggplant Pot came in its own cooking pot right right from the kitchen. The sauce on the Eggplant when ordered in the mild variety carries a light tang and has a lovely texture on the palate.

The Peking noodles dish featured rich black bean sauce covering home made Chinese noodles, which are hand made on site behind the glass if they are producing noodles at that time. The Peking noodles dish was absolutely something to be appreciated!

The entire bill weighed in even with alcohol tax at about 50 dollars making this an upscale meal for a mid range price. Three people weighing in at under 20 dollars a person, very economically feasible in these hard times. I see Yu’s Restaurant keeping its business going regardless of the financial turmoil the country is in due to it’s great food at low cost.

I give Yu’s Restaurant a five out of five star review. Especially for their accessibility accommodations, that really gave them a lot of extra credit points!

I made them a video commercial, I am really getting into the whole marketing and advertising thing, I have taken up a new hobby. Once they approve of it I will make it publically available unless they want it for television use!

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