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Fiancee’s Latex Suit + PVC Coat + Loads of belts and Fiancee’s Latex Suit + Powerchair… Both = Sensory Heaven

Posted Jan 07 2012 12:00am
Latexed and belted with Mel1 and 4 nearby

Latexed and belted with Mel1 and 4 nearby

New to my blog, you might want to read objectum affectionism to make sense of the pictures and this post. Anyway on Thursdsay I had some time to myself and decided to do some of my more out of the ordinary sensory stimulation. I call this Intensive Stimulation and I find it to be the most relaxing and destressing thing I can do for my mind and soul, it also really just helps me feel happier. Anywho my Fiancee Angel Bird left her latex catsuit here because it fits me pretty well and she decided that I could have some fun with it. Indeed she was correct! I had 18 layers of fun to be exact! I first put on the latex suit. Then my blue PVC raincoat, 12 Neoprene sauna belts, a PVC corset, and three more belts to finish the outfit. I then proceeded to just enjoy myself taking pictures and relaxing and rubbing it all and enjoying the pressure and warmth and smell. Then I took off all the layers leaving myself in just my Fiancee’s latex suit’s soft smoothness too bad she wasn’t here to snuggle and kiss me. I miss her to bits and want her back here. Soon we will have it sorted out and be living together, that will be dream come true. Anyway once I was down to the suit I decided to have a little fun strapping into my wheelchair really tightly. I found that to be seriously relaxing, feeling the straps pull and squeeze me in the latex suit and just overall the ‘restrained’ feeling. It really got me very calm and I would have fallen asleep if I didn’t make the video below to show everyone my more unusual side of my Autism and Sensory Disorder that I call Intensive Stimulation.

Anywho I slept last night snuggled up with the latex suit against my cheek, it is so soft and smooth and warm. I wish my fiancee’s arms were there instead though. I wish my fiancee was here. Love you my Angel Bird.

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