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Faxes, Driving for the first time on the open road, Archery and disappointing August stats

Posted Sep 24 2012 12:00am
Fax this

Fax this

Well Sunday we went to my grandmas house and I damn near sent her into seizures with walking up to her door and ringing the bell repeatedly like a cable guy would.

She couldn’t believe the fact I was walking and was even more freaked out the fact I was driving!

She has some fax machine issues and well, my dad couldn’t figure it out and I couldn’t figure it out in her telephony setup. So we took it and drove off, I’ll figure it out at home.

I then went driving on the open road for the first time!!! Turning n curves and everything lfour lane road 35 mph speed limits we went between a public works building and a forest preserve a few times then from one forest preserve to another woot I did good, again parking as always needs more work. I had lots of fun behind the wheel!

Stage 3 time to aim

Stage 3 time to aim

Last night I went to archery with some buddies who I know already and I met someone new. Chris and BJ are two faces I know quite well from previous clubs and Shiela is a new one, smiley happy woman and therefore I am sure we will get along quite good. There was a younger guy there named CJ who seemed pretty cool and another woman there but she didnt seem very interested in the social aspect. Whatever. Anyway I had lots of fun with archery, I have not done archery since probably 10 years ago in elementary school and even then that was a day field trip. I still pretty much picked up the bow and arrows and picked up on it rather quick. I scored 29 out of 50 possible points! Which is awesome for not having great upper body muscles and high spasticity. Maybe next time I will get a video clip of me shooting. Click the pic for more pictures!

A bit disappointing

A bit disappointing

These stats are disappointing. I need people to get more links on their sites, share my site on facebook, etc. This is not what I want to see next month! CAPICHE?

Ads Placement

Ads Placement

No one should really mind, they are unobtrusive text and image ads produced by Google. But they will ultimately help my bottom line for a website that does not receive enough donations.

Want no ads? Just E-Mail me a donation and make sure to include your IP Address, you can get that at or Once you donate over $5.00 in a year you get a year of no ads for your entire household!

I used to have ads then google disabled my account because of abusive clicks. DO NOT CLICK THEM AS A WAY TO DONATE TO ME, That is not how they work! Only click on things you are genuinely interested in learning more about, like if it shows 2012 Toyota Sienna for 16,000 and you are actually looking for a car it is OK to click, but if you are not able to drive and not looking for a car and just want to give some money it is NOT OK to click the ad.

If you want to give money to me without clicking the ads you have the donation system.

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