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Posted Mar 07 2010 5:44pm

Hello Empowering People Changing Lives (EPCL) readers.

Sorry, this isn’t Erin today. She has graciously given me the opportunity to play guest blogger. My name is Michelle Erfurt and I’m a music therapist (and novice blogger) in South Eastern Florida, USA. I’m also an EPCL reader.

I enjoy the film, The Wizard of Oz. One of my favorite scenes is when the Lion sings in his animal/Brooklyn accent: “The nerve” (Only pronounced more like “the n-oi-v”.) I’m sure we all remember the story… Dorothy, Lion, and company complete a dangerous mission for the Wizard of Oz in order to be granted certain characteristics… all to find out that not only was the great OZ literally smoke and mirrors, but the cast always had those certain characteristics in the first place. After they realize they have courage (not to mention the way home, smarts and a heart) they live happily ever after. So, in a nutshell, one moral of the story is the ever empowering message: You can do more than you think you can.

This is the same message that Erin Breedlove has been blogging about through Empowering People and Changing Lives for over a year. Erin allows us into her personal life and personal thoughts, good or bad, on a daily basis. She is really connecting with people too. Just read through the reader comments:

− “Erin gives me H-O-P-E.”
− “I'm working on it, thanks to you.”
− “It's a pleasure reading about your journey.”
− “Thanks for inspiring me to be a little better every day.”
− “You are amazing!”

It is obvious that Empowering People Changing Lives is actually empowering people and changing lives. But, take it a step further and widen the scope by empowering someone else. Help someone else realize that they can do more than they think they can. Follow Erin’s example and make a connection by opening up and sharing your thoughts. Pay it forward.


Michelle Erfurt is the author of the Music Therapy Tween and the owner of the Erfurt Music Resource.

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