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Doctors Appointment, Car Wash and Mattress Shopping

Posted Feb 10 2009 12:30pm
How's that for a title? Yesterday I was finally able to get my van to the car wash and wash off this winter's salt. I go to a local automated wash, which does a pretty good job. I'm somewhat of an expert when it comes to carwashes, after all I worked in one for eight years (put it in neutral, don't steer and don't use your breaks). As I'm writing this the rain is Crashing down, naturally... Anytime you wash your car it rains the next day right? A van wash was $3.50 now it's $13.00!

I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon so I am hoping the rain stops. Otherwise I will be one wet quadriplegic when I get there. The doctor's office is several blocks away so I plan on driving my chair. This is my third attempt at getting there this winter. The first time they told me I was a week late for my appointment and had to reschedule. The second time I was snowed in so... it goes to figure it would be raining cats and dogs today.

I have a list of things to discuss with the Dr. and because I'm Mr. Monk I put that list into my phone. This way I can be sure to talk about the prescriptions I need and referrals for durable Medical Equipment like my wheelchair, and hopefully a new mattress.

Nice segue into mattress shopping right? You see it's not as easy as walking into your local mattress factory and giving them your visa card. I need to get a prescription, contact a durable Medical Equipment supplier, wait a few months then they come and see me then wait a few more months for delivery.... Oh the joys. I also need to research the mattress myself because chances are the Dr. nor the durable Medical Equipment supplier has any idea what type of mattress a high level quadriplegic needs to prevent pressure sores and skin breakdown.
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