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DMC-FZ35 “Battery Launcher” and Changing my own G-Tube in HD.. sort of.

Posted Oct 10 2009 10:02pm

It’s 3:00 AM, what do you expect me to do at 3:00 AM in the morning on a Saturday, post pointless and pointful youtube videos!

First let’s get the pointless one done, I recorded this late last night when I discovered that this little DMC-FZ35 packs quite a bit of punch when you eject the battery. Enough punch that you could use it as a gravity based weapon… Don’t get any idea’s just watch the video down below in standard cruddy definition.

DMC-FZ35 Battery Launcher Weapon

In other news, I CHANGED MY OWN G-TUBE!!! which might not seem like an epic win to you but for me it is another epic win in the book of things I can do independently without any help. In the video below I talk a little about a documentary and a person who drove me to decide to do this myself instead of waking mom up for an intervention. My old G-Tube catastrophically failed (water leaked out of balloon) and was falling out, I had two options A. Wait till morning and hope it does not fall out and risk another revision surgery (Not that I love Sevoflurane but I am not a fan of abdominal surgery pain) or B. Change it myself.

I decided to go with option B and change it myself which was a success, unfortunately I didn’t video tape the change its self and some of you out there do want to see that, I am getting a Tripod so I can set up the camera and record that way so soon people you will see a video of me swapping out G-Tubes. But for now heres this one! And its HD!

Changed my own G-Tube
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