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Did you get fooled? My 15″ is back, 13″ is back into Rapid Deployment Mode and Stats for March

Posted Apr 01 2011 12:00am

Alright you all remember the post from the wee hours of last night about the servers and me owning 20 of them. I am guessing well over 50% of my readers FAILED the test. The Alinssite Comprehension Test (ACT) that is. Most all pictures on my blog lead to something more valuable, a gallery, a page, or a document. Make sure to click!!!

Fast Apple

Fast Apple

WOW! Get this people, I already have my 15″ laptop back, Thanks Ryan and the team at my local Apple Store for speeding along the repair in less than a hour! Unfortunate to say they didn’t have the 7200RPM drives in stock and only the 5400RPM drives in stock, it was either choose to wait and risk my data or take a temp 5400RPM drive thats slower than a 7200RPM. Ryan made the decision for me to take the 5400RPM until the 7200RPM comes in Tomorrow or Monday, at that point it will be a quick trip for a quick disk swap. Then I come home and ‘migrate’ data to the new disk and call it a day. Not shabby at all Apple! Keep up the great work!

March 2010 stats. totally exaggerated

March 2010 stats. totally exaggerated

Wait this don’t smell right, 16420 unique visitors but only 12421 visits? Well I figured out what was wrong, during the Server Migration my stats got messed in translation and the Sites column got 10,000 dings added to it that Shouldn’t be there. So really the ACTUAL number is 6420 which is approximately 1000 more visitors than last month! So things are uptrending overall!

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