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Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

Posted May 28 2009 12:17am
Today Hawke was diagnosed with cerebralpalsy; as of tonight I know near nothing regarding CP. This day I knew was possible based upon reading I have done via medical books, sites and blogs of parents whom have children with CP. My expectations? Great. I expect Hawke to continue to overcome and progress! The severity is unknown - Time will define the severity and Prayer and therapy will help Hawkes progress as well. The CP is primarily in his lower half, his leg muscles; if he can't sit on his own 2yrs old it is unlikely he will walk, but we are expecting him to sit up sooner than 2 yrs. We will always hold our expectations high while realizing the potential of a less desirable outcome could occur, severe CP. . this is not expected as its too early to tell if its mild or severe. Many good indications as well. Still frustrating and hard to accept. Great report on the shunt and ventricles, the ventricles are still swollen but continue to decrease in size as expected, it will take 6 months to 2 years for the ventricles to return to normal size, Praise God his brain and CT scan look good!! The Dr also like the appearance of his sutures.

Took a little photo journal today, here we go:

Arriving this morning, Hawke in the wagon (I forgot to put the stroller back in the car - oops)

Hawke going in the catscan machine, he did very well - just a little bit of fussin'

After the scan, getting ready to head to rehabilitation dr -

Walking from one section of children'shospital to rehabilitation Dr.

I didn't realize this was the picture pre -Dr. telling us Hawke has CP - took this as we watied for the Dr. to return

Waiting to see the neurosurgeon with Auntie

Next visit in 6 months assuming no symptoms occur

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